Romancing the Phone
Season: 3
Episode: 18 (season)
83 (series)
Production Code: 320
Guest Stars: Jaden Smith as Travis
Drew Seeley as Jeffrey
William Schallert as David
Originally Aired: April 19, 2008
"Foiled Again"

"Romancing the Phone" is the 18th episode of the third season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. After Zack and Cody meet a boy named Travis who seems to be skilled in just about everything, they both selfishly want him to impress their dates, but neglect to let him have his own fun, too. After Maddie finds a missing phone, she begins texting the owner with whom she has a lot in common, only to find out that he's not what she dreamed he would be.


Zack and Cody befriend Travis, a kid whom they rope into helping them impress their dates. All the boys want is for Travis to cook a gourmet meal and perform a Japanese tea ceremony. Maddie finds a stranger's phone and suspects it belongs to her crush, David, because his ringtone is a Vivaldi song, which Maddie knows he likes.

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  • Mr. Moseby: (about Maddie's obsession over David) Whoa. Can you spell desperate?
    • London: How many chances do I get?
  • Maddie: I can't believe how much we have in common.
    • David: I know. You like 300-year-old music, I'm 300 years old.
    • Maddie: I like Van Gogh.
    • David: I knew Van Gogh!
  • Maddie: (after seeing the old man) I'm Maddie. I can tell by your phone you have a lot of class.
    • Mr. Moseby: More like Class of '22!
  • Zack: (to Travis) Hurry up! Dakota's gonna be here any minute!
    • Travis: Sorry, I got a late start. I had to help your brother.
    • Zack: Ah, forget him. He's a loser.
    • Travis: Funny. He said the same thing about you.
  • Cody: As you know the water jar represents... (Travis makes gestures toward the ceiling) ...the sun! And the bowl (Travis pretends to pull down his pants, turns around, and bends over) ...the butt?


  • The title of the episode, "Romancing the Phone", is an allusion to the 1984 romantic comedy, Romancing the Stone.
  • Maddie is, at a particular moment during the episode, seen wearing the same fancy dress she had previously daydreamed of.
  • Maddie says "I dye my roots brown." This is a reference to the fact that Ashley Tisdale's natural hair color is actually brown, but she dyed it blonde for the Suite Life and High School Musical franchises.


  • When London walks up to Maddie after the beginning credits, you can hear beeping (like from texting) but the phone isn't open.