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Zack and Marcus standing in Zack's suite
Season: 2
Episode: 9 (season)
30 (series)
Production Code: 210
Guest Stars: Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink
Jill Basey as the Widow
Veronica Dunne as Tiffany
Writer: Danny Kallis, Pamela Eells O'Connell
Director: Danny Kallis
Originally Aired: October 16, 2009
"Lost at Sea"
"Crossing Jordin"

"Roomies" is the 9th episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck.


The episode starts out with Zack showing Woody his newly redone "bachelor pad", which was not only his, but also belonged to a new student Marcus Little who was a former singer and was Zack's new roommate from then onwards, much to Zack's annoyance, because he wanted the room to himself. Zack later on tells his friends how annoying Marcus is especially when Marcus asks whether they learn about lunch or eat lunch during lunch time at school, since he is not used to a normal high school schedule. Woody starts suspecting that Marcus is behaving weird maybe because he might be in a Witness Protection Program, but they all find out his true identity later on. Zack finds out Marcus is resentful towards those who use him for his celebrity status, such as people asking him for autographs. Zack then teaches him how to enjoy normally, but it turns out Zack was using him so that he can impress a girl, making Marcus angry. Mr. Moseby persuades him that his fans only care about him and the reason they want the autographs because they're crazy about him. In the end, Marcus helps Zack to impress the girl.

Meanwhile, Cody and Bailey go through a series of friendly competitions (Cody does this to prove that he is manlier than Bailey), with Bailey as the winner in every game.

Marcus also seems to be developing a crush on London from this episode.


  • Marcus Little makes his first appearance.
  • At the beginning of this episode the song from the episode "Crossing Jordin" plays when Zack and Woody are in Zack's room.
  • In the basketball scene, the ball gets thrown at the family cleaning up the ashes from a previous incident. However, they weren't there in the previous cut.
  • In the scene where Mr. Moseby is singing Marcus's song "Retainer Baby", the only words he actually sings correctly are the title of the song.
  • When the gang's suspicious about who Marcus really is, such as when they got confused about him apparently having never seen a high school class schedule before, Bailey suggests that Marcus could've been homeschooled before attending Seven Seas High and mentions having cousins (with the last name "Picksnoggle") who are all homeschooled.
    • Bailey adds that there's "23 of [the Picksnoggles]," so with homeschooling such a large family, it's actually almost like going to a regular school—but Bailey also adds that the "prom" her cousins had was a bit creepy.
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