Season: 1
Episode: 15 (season)
15 (series)
Production Code: 116
Guest Stars: Estelle Harris as Muriel
Originally Aired: August 14, 2005
"Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet"
"Big Hair & Baseball"

"Rumors" is the 15th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Cody is mistaken for Zack, and for that never to happen again, he tries a gangster look, then a red-head look. Meanwhile, London is spreading rumors about Lance and Maddie being engaged.


London accidentally starts a misinformed rumor that Maddie will be married to Lance, so Maddie seeks revenge by starting rumors about London by saying she has a fox coat in her closet. Meanwhile, Cody tries several different looks so people don't confuse him with Zack but accidentally dyes his hair red before an important interview.

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Maddie: Why did you tell everyone Lance and I were back together?
London: Because I saw you kissing in the lounge!
Maddie: He was teaching me CPR!
London: Is that the same as peeling the grape?
Maddie: It's mouth to mouth!
London: So it is the same!
Cody: Zack, the guy from the "Week in Washington" trip is here! I'm supposed to be me but I don't look like me, I'm supposed to look like you so since you look like me you have to be me!
Zack: I can't help you.
Cody: Why not?
Zack: Because I have no idea what you just said.
(After Cody's hair is dyed red)
Cody: The box said it was supposed to be a honey mist auburn!
Zack: Well honey, you missed auburn big time!
Cody: There you are, brace yourself. Maddie and Lance were seeing kissing and I heard they're getting married and moving to Las Vegas to gamble.
Zack: She wouldn't! She implied that she'd wait for me.
Mr. Moseby: We don't have a dungeon, but the person who started this rumor will be fired.
London: From a cannon?


  • After Cody tells Zack his understanding of the rumour, Zack says about Maddie: "She implied she'd wait for me!" This is a reference to "A Prom Story", where Maddie implied she and Zack would be together at his prom.


  • When Cody goes to open the envelope from the Week in Washington contest, his mom says he made it into the finals. Therefore, she must have read the note. But when Cody gets the letter, he opens the envelope himself.
  • When Cody says, "Ta-dah!" while taking the towel off his head, his mouth isn't even moving. You can't see his lips, but you can see enough of his face to tell.
  • Right after London enters the hotel with the paparazzi following her, Mr. Moseby's line, "What in the name of...", doesn't match the movement of his mouth on-screen.
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