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Scamp Fitzpatrick
Cuties Poo
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: Unknown
Mother: Maddie Fitzpatrick
Wife: Ivana
Children: Scruffy (Maddie's puppy), Prince Percival Percimmon Dulac (London's puppy), Maria Consuelo Margarita del Cielo (Esteban's puppy), Moseby's unnamed puppy, 2 unnamed puppies (genders unknown)
Owners: Maddie Fitzpatrick
Production Info
Portrayed by: Gabriel Sunday (voice)
First Appearance: Crushed
Last Appearance: Crushed
Cuties Poo

Maddie holding Scamp

Scamp is Maddie's dog and has appeared in one episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, "Crushed". Scamp apparently has fleas and his favourite food is pizza with kibble. He is in love with London's dog, Ivana, and they had puppies together. One of the puppies' names is Scruffy. It's never stated what kind of dog Scamp is, but it's assumed that he's a mixed of some kind.


  • Ivana Tipton - Scamp's mate.
  • Scruffy (Maddie's puppy) - One of Scamp's puppies.
  • Prince Percival Percimmon Dulac (London's puppy) - One of Scamp's puppies.
  • Maria Consuelo Margarita del Cielo (Esteban's puppy) - One of Scamp's puppies.
  • Mr. Moseby's unnamed puppy - One of Scamp's puppies.
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