Season 1

Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Sail 1 1 "The Suite Life Sets Sail" September 26, 2008 101
Zack and Cody, twins from the Boston Tipton Hotel, board the S.S. Tipton to spend high school at sea. London and Mr. Moseby join them as well, and Bailey and Woody are introduced to the cast.

When Cody rooms with Woody, the two conflict personalities and things get hectic. Though Bailey originally disguised as a boy to sneak aboard, her identity is revealed and she is bunked with London, who forced her roommate to quit school.

ParrotIsland 2 2 "Parrot Island" September 27, 2008 107
The gang heads to Parrot Island, where London escaped to after being forced to bunk with Bailey. Though they are jailed for being connected to the Tipton organization, will London, Mr. Moseby, Cody, Zack, Woody, and Bailey be able to escape in time to catch the boat before it leaves port?
BrokeN 3 3 "Broke 'N' Yo-Yo" October 3, 2008 102
After Zack spends all of his and Cody's money on partying, the two are forced to get jobs. When Cody spies an upcoming yo-yo contest, he decides to enter for a chance at the $1,000 prize. Meanwhile, Bailey is sick of London taking all the space in their cabin, so she invents a story to scare London.
Kidney 4 4 "The Kidney of the Sea" October 10, 2008 103
While Cody helps London and Bailey decide whose pet is smarter, Zack is in hot water for stealing a valuable from a girl whom he adores. The snag, though—he wasn't the one who took it.
Showgirls 5 5 "Showgirls" October 17, 2008 104
After seeing a distinct anklet is seen on a dancer, London and Bailey recruit Zack, Cody, and Woody to help them uncover the truth—that their teacher, Ms. Tutweiller, was the dancer.
International 6 6 "International Dateline" October 24, 2008 105
When Cody is forced to repeat the same day over and over, a-la Groundhog Day, he takes the opportunity to win Bailey's affection—no matter how many times he has to try.
ItsAllGreekToMe1 7 7 "It's All Greek to Me" November 7, 2008 106
Arwin's cousin, Milos, is employed at the ship's next destination, a posh Greek museum. When he accidentally gives out a real necklace instead of a replica, Zack, Cody, and Bailey must help replace the true one before the museum owner finds out.
Sea Monster 8 8 "Sea Monster Mash" November 14, 2008 108
While Cody and Bailey try to prove the existence of Galapagos Gurdy, a legendary sea creature, Woody, Zack, and London create a massive plant creature using London's power smoothie.
Flowers and Chocolates 9 9 "Flowers and Chocolate" November 21, 2008 109
Zack and Cody must impress their friends Bob and Barbara at their first visit in the S.S. Tipton. London has to introduce Woody and Bailey to her friend Chelsea by showing her cabin to her.
Boo 10 10 "Boo You" December 5, 2008 110
After a freak accident, Zack and Cody try to make it up to Kirby by helping him pass his high school equivalency test. London tries to embarrass Bailey in public, until she finds out just how much it hurts.
SeaHarmony 11 11 "seaHarmony" December 12, 2008 111
Cody steals Bailey's romance test answers to try to impress her, only to find out that not all of them were true. Meanwhile, Zack and Woody try to hook Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutweiller up so they won't be so strict.
TheSwamiAndTheMommy2 12 12 "The Mommy and the Swami" January 9, 2009 115
When Cody and Zack visit an old Swami in India, they find out that he is just an entrepreneur in it for the money. All the while, Padma has returned and needs London to pretend she's actually her roommate.
Maddie on Deck 13 13 "Maddie on Deck" January 16, 2009 112
When Maddie comes onto the S.S. Tipton for a short vacation, Zack does everything he can to win her heart after she takes to a prince. However, Zack really has to help her, once she finds out that the prince isn't all she hoped he would be.
Wir 14 14 "When in Rome..." January 23, 2009 113
The ship docks in Rome and Cody drags Zack to a famous restaurant. But when the staff quits, Cody and Zack have to fill in. London falls for a boy named Luca, until she finds out he is a con man. Then Mr. Moseby and Bailey must help her get a wad of cash back that she gave to the boy.
Shipnotized1 15 15 "Shipnotized" January 30, 2009 114
London and Bailey go to a hypnotist's show and London suddenly starts acting like Bailey, much to Bailey's chagrin. Meanwhile, the Harvard Dean is on board, and Cody wants to do everything he can to impress him—until his daughter wants to date Zack, who is recognized by the Dean as the resident clown.
Image-madod 16 16 "Mom and Dad on Deck" February 20, 2009 117
When Zack and Cody's parents are offered full-time contracts on board the S.S. Tipton, they must hatch a plan to keep their parents from harassing them every day. London tries everything she can to find the perfect birthday gift for Mr. Moseby.
TheWrongStuff3 17 17 "The Wrong Stuff" March 27, 2009 118
While Zack takes charge of the senior's part of the cruise and has to deal with a particularly grumpy old man, Cody and Woody are being tested by London to see who will accompany her to the Tipton's space station. But will she even pick one of them?
SplashandTrash3 18 18 "Splash & Trash" April 17, 2009 119
When Marissa gets hit with a case of amnesia, Zack helps her get her memory back with the help of Woody and London. Meanwhile, Cody gets upset with the amount of towels the ship's guests use and makes his own green initiative by dressing up as monster and stepping onto his soap box made of trash in order to get the guests and Mr. Moseby to listen to his ideas, get the ship on a "greener" path.
027E39 19 19 "Mulch Ado About Nothing" May 1, 2009 116
When Bailey begins to miss her home, Cody helps to cheer her up by hosting the Kettlecorn Mulch Festival aboard the S.S. Tipton. But when Bailey's ex-boyfriend, Moose, shows up, things go awry.
Cruisin 20 20 "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'" June 5, 2009 121
After Mr. Moseby is injured by Kirby, Connie takes his place organizing the captain's upcoming celebration. But after the captain's gift breaks, London races against the clock to get it fixed in time.
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