Season 2

Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Spy 22 1 "The Spy Who Shoved Me" August 07, 2009 205
When a secret microchip containing sensitive information is stolen by a woman who appears to be an assassin, a would-be spy attempts to use Zack and Cody to recover it. But when Cody tells Bailey, she wonders if she can trust him.
Ala 23 2 "Ala-ka-scram!" August 14, 2009 206
After a magic show, London takes after the magician, and Zack tries to hang out with Cody and Bailey, which interferes with their relationship. Desperate, they get Woody to take Zack off their hands for an upcoming music contest.
In the Line of Duty 2 24 3 "In the Line of Duty" August 21, 2009 203
After Zack's misbehavior gets out of control, he is assigned to be a hall monitor. But he carries things a little too far, and things start to get out of hand. This doesn't help Cody and Bailey, who are trying to find more time to see each other; but with Zack on the prowl and Bailey getting a job, they begin to get separated.
Kitchen Casanova1 25 4 "Kitchen Casanova" September 4, 2009 202
When Cody fills in for an injured Home Economics teacher, the girls in the class fall for him, infuriating Bailey. Zack accidentally sneezes on a canvas, and when London tries to hand it in for art class, she accidentally finds someone who wishes to buy it for $30,000—but neglects to cut Zack in.
Smarticle 26 5 "Smarticle Particles" September 11, 2009 201
To win a bet against Cody, Bailey tells London that she has a perfume that makes her smarter. She gets a C on her next test, and begins to do well, until she finds out it's all a scam. With the final coming up, Bailey has to find some way to get London to study again. Meanwhile, the captain of the female wrestling team takes after Zack, and he attempts to get away from her, constantly afraid that she can beat him up.
Family 27 6 "Family Thais" September 18, 2009 209
Cody makes a "Missing You" video for Bailey while she's visiting London's grandmother in Thailand, but is dragged away by Zack who scores a double date. In Thailand, London is trying to make her grandmother more modern, despite her insisting that she is happy as-is.
Going Bananas 28 7 "Goin' Bananas" September 25, 2009 204
After Zack steals one of Cody's old papers, Ms. Tutweiller is worried that Zack may have a serious phobia of bananas, and forces him to see the ship's counselor. London's phone is taken away in class, and she has to learn to live without texting for a week. Meanwhile, Woody has become addicted to a game called Better Life, and Cody tries to help him quit.
16gqvl 29 8 "Lost at Sea" October 2, 2009 207, 208
After a new semester begins, Zack, Cody, Woody, Bailey, and London are all aboard a life raft when it departs from the S.S. Tipton, and floats adrift into the sea. Cody and Bailey argue over who's better at everything, and London goes nuts, thinking she is in a plush hotel, and Bailey helps her to fulfill her hallucinations. Back on the ship, Mr. Moseby and Ms. Tutweiller realize that the students are missing, and go try to find them—getting themselves marooned as well.
Dylan-sprouse-doc-shaw 30 9 "Roomies" October 16, 2009 210
Marcus Little, a famous singer who has left his stardom behind, comes on board and is bunked with Zack, who is sure he has seen Marcus before. Cody tries to impress Bailey at a series of games, but Bailey constantly emerges victorious, even in things she has never done before.
Crossing 31 10 "Crossing Jordin" October 23, 2009 213
The week's guest singer, Jordin Sparks, comes aboard. Cody, Zack, and Marcus try to write her a song, but are more concerned with becoming a hit than producing something she would want to sing. Meanwhile, London hosts a "friend-for-a-week" contest, and the winner steals her identity.
Bermuda 32 11 "Bermuda Triangle" November 13, 2009 211
After Zack and Cody rip a $200 birthday check from their mother, they both wish they were an only child. When they enter the Bermuda Triangle, their wish comes true.
Beauty 33 12 "The Beauty and the Fleeced" November 20, 2009 212
After Zack, Marcus, and Woody create a fake beauty pageant to meet cute girls, Mr. Moseby discovers this and makes them actually set up the pageant. Bailey wants to show London up, and enters the pageant with Cody as her coach.
Swed 34 13 "The Swede Life" December 4, 2009 215
Zack and Cody travel to Martensgrav, a Swedish town that was founded by their ancestors Knuut and Olaf. But they soon find out that their ancestors are falsely thought to have nearly destroyed the town, and set out to clear their name.
Mother 35 14 "Mother of the Groom" January 8, 2010 217
Esteban of the Tipton Hotel comes on board to get married, and the boys try to help him relax and party a bit first. But things may be going slippery when Esteban's mother disapproves of the wedding—can Bailey and London convince her to allow it?
19 36 15 "The Defiant Ones" January 15, 2010 218
After Cody forgets to do his homework, he invents a series of tall tales to buy him more time. During the panic he's caused, Zack and Mr. Moseby are handcuffed together, and have to experience each other's lives.
Any give fantasy 37 16 "Any Given Fantasy" January 18, 2010 220
London joins a fantasy football league created by Zack, Marcus, and Woody, and brings her own deal to the table—Kurt Warner. Cody, however, isn't very good at football and wants to improve, so he hires Kirby to help him out.
England 38 17 "Rollin' With the Holmies" January 29, 2010 214
Cody, a member of a Sherlock Holmes club in Boston, drags Bailey and Woody along to the Sherlock Holmes museum, only to have to solve a real crime—when a rare book belonging to the queen goes missing. Just outside, Zack and Marcus must play a perfect game of croquet after accidentally challenging a pair of champions.
Normal 009 39 18 "Can You Dig It?" February 12, 2010 223
After Zack finds a crown based on Cody's research, he receives all the credit. Bailey puts on the crown, which is possessed by an ancient queen's spirit, and begins seeking her revenge on Zack.
London's 40 19 "London's Apprentice" February 26, 2010 219
London offers a million dollars to whoever can come up with the best idea for her dad's new business, and Zack, Cody, Bailey, Marcus, and Mr. Moseby all come up with ideas to present to her. But will they get their prize after Kirby loses the money in safekeeping?
Once 41 20 "Once Upon a Suite Life" March 5, 2010 225
While their teacher lectures about fairy tales and their significance, Zack, Cody, and London all fall asleep in class and dream their own renditions of famous fairy tales.
Marrage 101 42 21 "Marriage 101" March 19, 2010 221
When the class is grouped into pairs to simulate marriage, Cody and Bailey break up, London spoils Zack, and Woody and Addison learn what it's like to have children, which sends the entire class for a loop.
Rock 44 23 "Rock the Kasbah" April 16, 2010 222
Zack tries to help Cody buy a pair of earrings for Bailey that he believes are one-of-a-kind. Back on the ship, London beings forth a magical lamp with a genie; London, Bailey, Woody, and Marcus try to decide who gets the wishes.
I Brake for Whales 45 24 "I Brake for Whales" April 23, 2010 216
Cody and Bailey lock themselves in the engine room, along with Zack and Woody and turn off the ship's engines after they learn that a group of endangered whales is in their path. Can they hold out long enough when Kirby and Mr. Moseby trying to get things fixed?
Seven Seas News 46 25 "Seven Seas News" May 7, 2010 224
Ms. Tutweiller's class is assigned to broadcast news that will be seen on board by the passengers of the S.S. Tipton. Zack competes with Bailey as co-anchors, Cody's a field reporter, and London's on weather.
SLOD-2x26-mcdb-suits 47 26 "Starship Tipton" May 14, 2010 227
The gang heads forward in time hundreds of years to Starship Tipton, where they must set the ship back on course after Zack's descendant set it on a crash course for Planet Bikini.
Mean Chicks 48 27 "Mean Chicks" June 11, 2010 226
With a seagull hunting Cody, he tries to get Zack and Marcus to help him catch it. Meanwhile, London takes counselling after she bets Bailey that she can go a week without insulting anyone.
Breakup in Paris 49 28 "Breakup in Paris" June 18, 2010 229, 230
The ships docks in Paris, and Bailey enjoys the company of a young and gorgeous painting prodigy. When Cody sees this, he immediately becomes jealous, but wants to ask Bailey what she's doing. But when she finds London in his arms during a practice date, the two have it out and break up.

Meanwhile, Zack and Woody are being chased by art thieves, and Marcus's identity is stolen by a boy named Dante.

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