Season 2

  • This season was shot between 2005 and 2006 and had 39 episodes.
Image # Title Original Airdate Code
Odd Couples 27 1 "Odd Couples" February 3, 2006 203
London falls for a merit scholar, Trevor, and wants Maddie to make her look smart. Cody is tired of Zack's messiness, so he moves into the closet.
French 101 28 2 "French 101" February 10, 2006 201
Cody and Zack both like a girl, but she only speaks French. Esteban tries to stop a thief, but can't; instead, London steps in, making Esteban look like a fool.
Daycare 29 3 "Day Care" February 17, 2006 204
When Maddie has a family emergency, Esteban, Cody, and Zack have to take care of Camp Tipton, the day care center.
Heck's Kitchen 30 4 "Heck's Kitchen" February 24, 2006 207
A famous critic is coming to the Tipton—in disguise. When Chef Paolo walks out, Mr. Moseby enlists Cody, along with the help of Zack and the other staff, to help cook him a meal. But will the critic give a good review?
Free tippy 31 5 "Free Tippy" March 3, 2006 202
When Tippy is about to be sent off to a lumberjack's mill, Zack and Cody have to hide it until they can convince Mr. Tipton to keep it—if that's even possible.
4 32 6 "Forever Plaid" March 20, 2006 205
When Zack and Cody accidentally knock over a lamp it punches a hole in the wall between suites. They want to see and hear the girls there. Meanwhile, London is attending Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow with Maddie, and when she sneaks out of detention, things go awry.
Election 33 7 "Election" March 21, 2006 206
Zack wants to be school president just for the popularity and power, while Cody wants to clean up the school. With Maddie helping Cody and London helping Zack, who will emerge victorious?
Big 34 8 "Moseby's Big Brother" March 22, 2006 212
Mr. Moseby's miniature brother, Spencer checks into the Tipton with a shocking announcement: his millions are gone. Now he needs Mr. Moseby's help to get back on his feet. Zack and Cody face a similar situation when Zack is hogging a bike that Cody paid for.
Books and Birdhouses 35 9 "Books & Birdhouses" March 23, 2006 214
After Zack enrolls in woodshop, Cody] claims it is easy; he joins the class, only to discover that it's harder than it seems. Meanwhile, London steals Maddie's short story idea and ends up getting book deals and fame after Maddie promised to keep silent.
Not So Suite 16 36 10 "Not So Suite 16" March 24, 2006 213
When London hosts her party on Maddie's birthday, all bets are off. Zack, loyal to Maddie, attends her party after trying unsuccessfully to find the perfect gift—but what will she say when she finds out he stole Cody's?
Twins 37 11 "Twins at the Tipton" March 31, 2006 215
After Mr. Moseby hosts a twin convention, Zack and Cody go out with beautiful English twin girls, but Zack is kicked aside when Cody's emotions break down. Maddie and London go on a double date with fraternal twins, and Maddie is repulsed by her date while London gets the "good" one.
Bee 38 12 "Neither a Borrower nor a Speller Bee" April 14, 2006 209
Zack owes money to Maynard, the finalist alongside Cody in the local spelling bee, and asks Cody to forfeit to pay his debt. Maddie is doing local charity work with her class, and London keeps showing them up without actually doing any work.
Bowling 39 13 "Bowling" April 28, 2006 208
Zack is grounded, and can't participate in the bowling contest against the St. Mark Hotel, despite being their best player. Can he help Arwin overcome an old fear in order to redeem himself?
SLOZAC-2x14-keptman 40 14 "Kept Man" May 19, 2006 216
When Zack befriends a rich Theo, he ditches Cody completely, until he realizes that Theo may just be using him. All the while, Maddie and London are trying to take care of a baby simulator for school.
Parallel Universaliser (1) 41 15 "The Suite Smell of Excess" June 2, 2006 210
Zack and Cody are sent to a parallel universe that's full of fun—but how much is too much?
Gold 42 16 "Going for the Gold" June 10, 2006 221
Arwin participates in the Hotel Engineers' Games, but when a competitor, Irv Wheldon is cheating, Zack and Cody step in. Meanwhile, London starts a fashion store and recruits Maddie for her business functions.
1 1 43 17 "Boston Tea Party" June 30, 2006 222
When a local park is going to be demolished, Cody writes an essay to the city, but to no avail. Zack discovers that the park may have historical significance, and races against time to get an injunction against the bulldozers. Esteban tries to get citizenship in the United States.
Trip 44 18 "Have a Nice Trip" July 7, 2006 219
When a slimy guest checks into the Tipton, Zack and Cody discover that he's exploiting a fake injury for free service, but no one believes them.
Ask Zack 45 19 "Ask Zack" July 15, 2006 224
Zack takes a position in the school paper as the anonymous advice columnist, but begins to abuse his position to get Darlene to like him—until she finds out. London can't sleep, and keeps waking everyone up to help her.
That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana 46 20 "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" July 28, 2006 218
What 47 21 "What the Hey?" August 5, 2006 217
Zack drags Cody to the mall when they miss the morning bus, but soon, their mother shows up and they have to avoid her before she finds them. London tries to get rid of her new step-mother, who shows a little too much interest in London.
Midsummer 48 22 "A Midsummer's Nightmare" August 11, 2006 211
Zack and Cody have parts in the school play, A Midsummer's Nightmare, but the girls they like each like the wrong person, which turns out to be the perfect emotional fuel for the Shakespearean classic. Luckily, they don't have to put up with London's obsessive feng shui fling back at the Tipton.
Translation 49 23 "Lost in Translation" August 19, 2006 223
After Zack uses Kumiko Mori as his International Day project, he loses her when she goes shopping. Carey, Zack, and Cody must fill in for her performance at the Tipton, where a group of Japanese guests are expecting a fantastic cultural musical. London and Maddie get trapped in a clothes closet.
Volley Dad 50 24 "Volley Dad" September 8, 2006 227
While Cody tries to stop his mom from getting married, Maddie discovers that she can make London a better volleyball player by getting her really angry.
Loosely Ballroom 51 25 "Loosely Ballroom" September 22, 2006 225
Esteban is in charge of the getting the Tipton Hotel dance team ready for dance competition the Tipton Hotel is hosting. He is trying to win the top prize of $1,000 for his sister's Quinceañera in Mexico. He recruits Carey, Mr. Moseby, London, Lance, Jessica and Janice, Zack and Cody to be on his dance team.
Scarymovie 52 26 "Scary Movie" October 13, 2006 228
After Zack and Cody see a scary movie against their mother's permission, Zack begins to have nightmares of zombies attacking him. Meanwhile, London falls for a poor boy, and doesn't want him to think she's a rich snob, so she pretends to be destitute.
Ah, Wilderness! 53 27 "Ah! Wilderness!" November 10, 2006 230
When Zack and Cody join Mr. Moseby's scout troop, Zack turns out to be an excellent fisher, and becomes the troop's hero. Cody finds a way to get food from an outdoorsman nearby, but is caught cheating. Their mother, back home, has to give London and Maddie dating advice for the same boy.
Birdman 54 28 "Birdman of Boston" November 24, 2006 220
After a mother hawk is scared away from a suite's balcony, Cody takes care of its egg. Mr. Moseby tries to get rid of the bird, and Maddie protests against him.
Nurse 55 29 "Nurse Zack" December 8, 2006 229
When Carey and Cody take ill, Zack has to take care of them both. During her recovery, Carey ends up winning "Employee of the Month" after she is the only one not to annoy Mr. Moseby in hopes of winning.
Club 56 30 "Club Twin" January 7, 2007 231
Zack and Cody set up a kids' club in the Tipton's lounge every Monday night, but after Cody's plans fail, Zack takes charge and things go great—until his ideas go too far. London tries out a set of new cosmetics, and Maddie is happy to help—that is, until she realizes that they're flawed.
SLOZAC-2x31-riskitall 57 31 "Risk It All" January 27, 2007 234
Zack and Cody end up on a game show, Risk It All, but when Cody pushes Zack too far, their chance of winning is up in the air. Back at the Tipton, Maddie tries to recover an angry email she sent by accident.
Nugget 58 32 "A Nugget of History" February 23, 2007 236
When Mr. Moseby's grandma comes to the Tipton, Zack asks her for homework help. But when he gets a D on the assignment, they confront his teacher. Maddie helps London get a job at the Cluck Bucket.
Miniature Golf 59 33 "Miniature Golf" March 2, 2007 232
When Zack is beaten sorely by Ella at minigolf, he enlists Mr. Moseby to help him get better. But when he wins next round, he becomes arrogant and insulting to everyone else. London starts a book club, but without reading in mind.
Health and fitness 60 34 "Health and Fitness" March 16, 2007 226
Zack begins to overeat, and Carey makes him quit sugar entirely, and Cody helps Chef Paolo live healthier. Maddie tries to get bigger hips for an upcoming fashion show, and London tries to get in shape.
Back in the Game 61 35 "Back in the Game" April 6, 2007 237
When Zack and Cody's former basketball teammate, Jamie, who is now in a wheelchair, visits the Tipton, they try to get him enthusiastic about playing again. Maddie tries to make a student film, but none of her actors are quite up to snuff.
TheSuiteLifeGoesHollywood1 62 36 "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood: Part 1" April 20, 2007 238
TheSuiteLifeGoesHollywood3 63 37 "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood: Part 2" April 20, 2007 239
Want 64 38 "I Want My Mummy" May 18, 2007 235
Zack and Cody accidentally send an ancient mummy flying out a window. Cody dresses up as a fake mummy while Zack goes to get the real one to replace him. Maddie, however, wants to sneak the real mummy out, but ends up with Cody instead.
Aptitude 65 39 "Aptitude" April 14, 2007 (ABC Kids)
June 2, 2007 (Disney Channel)
After taking an online aptitude test, Zack becomes obsessed with power and fame, and Cody becomes depressed. Maddie saves an ambassador's life, and steals the limelight away from London, who is less-than-impressed.
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