Sharpay Evans
Character Statistics
Age Group: Teenager: 15-18[SLOZAC] (possibly)

Adult: 20-30[SLOD] (possibly)

Alias: Maddie Fitzpatrick (related to), ice princess, Shar
Lives In: Salt Lake City, Utah
Brothers: Ryan Evans (twin-brother)
Mother: Derby Evans
Father: Vance Evans
Boyfriend: Peyton Leverett
Ex-Boyfriend: Zeke Baylor
Pets: Boi
Friends: Ms. Darbus, Peyton Leverett, Troy Bolton, Gabriella Montez, Chad Danforth Taylor McKessie, Kelsi Nielsen, Jason Cross, Zeke Baylor, Martha Cox, Ryan Evans, Hannah Montana, Lola Luftnagle, Maddie Fitzpatrick
Nemesis: Tiara Gold, Amber Lee Adams, Troy Bolton (formally), Gabriella Montez (formally), Chad Danforth (formally), Taylor McKessie (formally), Kelsi Nielsen (formally), Roger Elliston (formally)
Employment: Student at East High School (graduated)

College Student

Production Info
Portrayed by: Ashley Tisdale
First Appearance: Lip Syncin' in the Rain[SLOZAC] (mentioned)
Last Appearance: Lip Syncin' in the Rain[SLOZAC] (mentioned)
Quote1It's summer, Ry! Everything, changes! Quote2
—Sharpay to Ryan in High School Musical 2
Sharpay Evans is one of the major protagonists of the High School Musical franchise, and is mentioned in the The Suite Life Series.

According, to The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Sharpay is the rudest, popular girl at school, and does not have a heart bat school. This is shown in High School Musical 1-3, as she tries to do crazy plans, not caring about anyone else's feelings, making her similar to London Tipton. Sharpay's personality can be described in many ways. At times. she can be harsh and rude, but other stages, Sharpay is shown to be a bit nice and caring. In the episode, Lip Synchin' in the Rain, Maddie tries to audition for Sharpay, in the school's play, High School Musical, as she is been told, she looks like Ashley Tisdale, who plays her, but is shocked when, London plays her, and that she can't say the characters name or film name correctly. At school, again Maddie is forced to lip-sync for London, as she can't sing, and ends up sharing the stage with her. London is however, so rude and doesn't thank her, but Zack, nicely does, and Maddie sends him a kiss, and Zack helds his hands out to receive it.

Sharpay is portrayed by Ashley Tisdale.


  • Lip Synchin' in the Rain that Maddie looks like Sharpay Evans. In real life it is true, since Ashley Tisdale plays Sharpay. But Sharpay is spoiled mean girl like London Tipton and why she got the part.
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