Season: 1
Episode: 5 (season)
5 (series)
Production Code: 104
Originally Aired: October 17, 2008
"The Kidney of the Sea"
"International Dateline"

"Showgirls" is the 5th episode of the first season of The Suite Life on Deck. After Zack and Cody sneak into a restricted dancing show, they spot a lovely lady with a heart-shaped anklet in the show. Meanwhile, Bailey and London see Ms. Tutweiller with Mr. Moseby and think she's dating him. But when the twins see Ms. Tutweiller wearing a heart anklet, it's a race against the girls to find out who is right.



Bailey and London suspect that Miss Tutweiller may be dating Mr. Moseby. Though Cody and Zack don't agree that they're dating. Zack and Cody sneak into a dance show called the "Starlight Follies". One of the dancers has a heart-shaped ankle bracelet on her ankle. The next day during a report, Zack notices that Ms. Tutweiller has the same anklet on her leg. He and Cody suspect that Ms. Tutweiller may have been the dancer they saw last night. Bailey and London still say that she and Mr. Moseby are dating. So they make a bet on it. The twins (Or at least Zack), make a plan that Bailey and London disguise themselves as dancers while looking for Ms. Tutweiller. Unfortunately they get caught in the dance number, which they mess up. They (Along with the twins) are eventually busted. It turns out that Ms. Tutweiller really was the dancer the twins saw last night, but only as a replacement for somebody.


  • Bailey: You know, London is really into this, I don't see why you need me to wear a showgirl costume too.
    • Cody: It's part of the plan, don't question the plan!
    • Zack: Woah... easy tiger.
    • Cody: Sorry, it's just... Such a great plan!
  • Zack: (shouting) Sorry, that drum really messed up my hearing! And...
    • Ms. Tutweiller: And now you're messing up mine. (walks away)
    • London: We told you she wasn't in the show.
    • Cody: Well, maybe not tonight... But how does that explain the anklet?
    • Zack: (shouting) But how does that explain the anklet!?
  • Ms. Tutweiller: Woody, this is a class on world culture. You were supposed to do a report on a city, not some low-budget surfer flick.
    • Woody: Hey, Waves of Terror was very educational. I learned about waves and terror.
    • Ms. Tutweiller: Well, you're terrifying me. Sit.
  • Bailey: Yeah, look at 'em. You think they're "courtin'"?
    • Zack: First of all, no one's been "courtin'" since, uh, 1922, which, by the way, was the last time Moseby had a date.


  • Although logically true, the twins win the bet because Miss. Tutweiller really was the dancer they saw that night, though really had no more evidence that would support it.
  • The episode is also known as "Show and Tell".
  • On the board during Zack's presentation, there is a list of students who are to be in detention, which includes "Bubba Sprouse", which is the name of the Sprouses' dog.