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Sink or Swim
Sink or Swim
Season: 3
Episode: 3 (season)
68 (series)
Production Code: 303
Writer: Jeny Quine, Dan Signer
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: July 8, 2007
"Super Twins"

"Sink or Swim" is the 3rd episode of the third season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. The girls at Maddie's camp leak details about London's life to the press after overhearing them on the phone. Meanwhile, Zack gets a job with Arwin, but continues to not show up for work after he realizes how miserable the work is.


London is horrified when "The Global Inquirer" leaks out she doesn't know how to swim, so she ends up taking swimming lessons from Lance. 

In the meantime, the girls from Maddie's cabin at Camp Heaven on Earth (after getting attacked by bees when they used their hive for a football) leak London's life to the press on the phone so they can use the money to buy more delicious food.

After getting a part-time job now that he is finally done with Summer School after passing English, Zack abuses Arwin's kindness and spends hours at the market instead of working. Eventually, he neglects his job so much that he forgets to replace the pool filter. Arwin takes responsibility, but then fires Zack and requests the boy not speak to him any more. Zack makes amends by cleaning the pool by hand, but then quits and takes a job at the market instead.


  • London: I can't swim.
    • Maddie: Really? You never told you couldn't swim.
    • London: Well, it never came up. Every time I've been in the water, there was a yacht under me.
  • (The girls run into the cabin screaming and waving their hands as a loud and angry buzzing is heard outside. Maddie slams the door and leans against it)
  • Maddie: And that's why we don't play soccer with a beehive!
  • Zack: (to Cody) Nice hat, you look like a dork.
    • Cody: Nice smell, you reek like a fish.
    • Zack: Still? I took three showers before I came here.
    • Cody: Wow, that's more than you take in a month.
  • Jasmine: Holly, I have to admit that selling that story about London to the tabloids was genius.
    • Holly: No, genius was using the money to order this duck a l'orange.
    • Leah: I'm a vegetarian.
    • Amy: Here, eat the l'orange.
    • Maddie: (enters the cabin to find the girls eating) Well, they hit a new low at the mess hall. Leech cobbler. Hey! Where'd you get all this good food?
    • Amy: Leah's parents mailed it.
    • Maddie: Uh-huh. You know, Leah, it's amazing your parents would do this for you after you testified against them.
    • Leah: They're full of love.
  • Jasmine: We need to sell another story to the Global Inquirer.
    • Amy: I was abducted by aliens.
    • Leah: Yeah, too bad they gave you back.
  • Zack: (to Arwin) I also told Mr. Moseby the sludge was my fault. And don't worry about the damages. Every cent is coming out of my... mom's paycheck.
    • Arwin: Well thanks, buddy. It takes a big man to give up his mother's money to help a friend.


  • In this episode, Dylan Sprouse (Zack) has a cold in by the way he talks.
  • Arwin's mother is bald because he says he waxes her head before she puts her wig on.


  • London says that she didn't think that learning the alphabet was important, but in the episode "Day Care," she said that Mr. Moseby took fourteen years to teach her her A-B-Ds.
  • When London and Lance dove into the pool full of goop, they should have seen the goop before they went in.
  • London said that Arwin will receive a bill from her dirty ducky, but when we saw her walk to the pool, she didn't have her ducky with her.


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