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Sister Dominick
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Nickname: Sis (by London)
Nemesis: Maddie Fitzpatrick (occasionally)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Marianne Muellerleile
First Appearance: Forever Plaid
Last Appearance: Graduation

Sister Dominick is a nun and a teacher at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow.


Her first appearance was in Forever Plaid, which is the first time we see Maddie's school. She thinks London is a good student, and Maddie (also Corrie and Mary-Margaret) are bad students because London tricks her into thinking that they do no work.

Since "Forever Plaid," whenever London has done something worthy of punishment she will only praise her or make excuses for her while harshly punishing Maddie. Such as when London forced Maddie to break out of detention with her and only London was let off the hook. She thinks London confessed because she wants to save Maddie.

In "Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee", she saw London painting and Maddie, Corrie & Mary-Margaret doing nothing (she just happened to walk in just as the girls stopped to rest and London had only just picked up a brush, ignoring that the girls were all covered in paint from work and London was completely clean).

In "Books & Birdhouses", London stole an idea for a story from Maddie only to find out that it was actually an already existing story Maddie forgot about (it had been years since her mother read it to her), Maddie got into trouble despite London basically confessing she not only plagiarized a book, but what she thought was Maddie's idea.

Sister Dominick's last appearance was when she sent Maddie to the Camp Heaven on Earth. She had wished London to go as well, but when she refused. She was clearly disappointed and said that she was stuck asking Maddie.