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Sky Deck
SuiteLife sky deck.
Location: S.S. Tipton
Staff: Marion Moseby
Owner(s): Wilfred Tipton (formerly)
First Appearance: "Let Us Entertain You"[SLOZAC]
"The Suite Life Sets Sail"[SLOD]
Last Appearance: "Let Us Entertain You"[SLOZAC]
"Graduation on Deck"[SLOD]

The Sky Deck (also called the Upper Deck) is the main set seen in The Suite Life on Deck. In it is a juice bar, Easy Squeeze, a spa tub, and tables, chairs and decorations with a sea view. It is the area most commonly seen in The Suite Life on Deck.


As the most common set in the show, the Sky Deck is one of the most iconic. It is home to the Easy Squeezy, the juice bar where Zack, and later Maya, works as well as the desk from which Cody works as a towel boy. There is also a hot tub that is often used as a stage for shows in the evenings for the passengers. Behind the hot tub is a list of supposed passengers' names from winning various activities on board the ship. On the main part of the deck and the terrace above the deck, several tables and chairs are scattered around and the characters are often seen sitting around the deck.

While the characters interact on the Sky Deck, other passengers can be seen milling around, buying drinks from the juice bar, chilling in the hot tub or just relaxing at the tables, reading a book or eating food. Being only a three-walled set, we never really see the ocean but there are some sections where we can see the sky which changes color at times to suit the needs of the storyline. Of course, it is known that the ocean is straight below the Sky Deck because Moseby jumps off in the first episode and throws Kurt's CD off in the last episode. As well as that, the kids can often be seen looking over the railings.

It is noted by Moseby that the Sky Deck was the first part of the ship built and until the Aqua Lounge is built, it is the largest set on the show.

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