Sleepover Suite
The sleepover in London's suite
Season: 3
Episode: 7 (season)
72 (series)
Production Code: 307
Guest Stars: Meaghan Jette Martin as Stacey
Absent: Ashley Tisdale as Maddie Fitzpatrick
Originally Aired: July 28, 2007
"The Arwin That Came to Dinner"

"Sleepover Suite" is the 7th episode of the third season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack, Cody, and Nia rent out London's Suite while she is out of town so that Stacey, a cute girl from school, can have a sleepover birthday party at the hotel.


Zack and Cody, with the help of Nia, rent out London's penthouse while she is out of town so that Stacey, a cute girl from their school, can have a birthday slumber party at the hotel, but troubles arise when London comes home early. In the end, London (along with Mr. Moseby, Carey and Stacey) find out what's really going. Stacey gets mad at Cody and apologizes to London, and says that she and the other girls will leave her penthouse. However, London's not mad at Stacey and her friends--in fact, she allows the girls to continue the slumber party and decides to join in on it, which gets Stacey excited.

Apart from that, the Mellownotes, a barbershop quartet who only communicate in the form of song, are fighting over Carey. In the end, the MellowNotes stop fighting over Carey and Mr. Moseby ends up becoming the fifth member (making it a quintet).


  • In this episode, London calls Stacey "little", when in fact Stacey is taller than London.
  • Although the event at the Tipton Hotel was billed as a Barbershop Quartet convention, the Mellownotes were not singing the traditional barbershop quartet sound. They would be more appropriately categorized as doo-wop.
  • The first time the girls want to go into the closet Nia charges $5. When Zack and Cody go back and tell Nia that London's coming to look for something in the closet, Nia says that London has to pay $10 like everyone else. The prices are changed.
  • Zack and Cody told London that the floor numbers were moved down 10, but they're only 2 floors below the floor London lives on.
  • In the opening scene, Ivana calls London twice. And London's response to both calls is the exact same sound clip, in which she says "Hello? Ivana? Hello?"
  • This is the first time when London says she's back from another country, she doesn't say something that rhymes.
  • Zack tells Cody that they don't have enough money to buy 10 pizzas, so Cody decides to make some. But when they're carrying the cart of pizzas, there are only 6 pizzas.
  • Carey's star sign is Virgo.
  • Ashley Tisdale does not appear in this episode due to either filming of "High School Musical 2" or having to film her new music videos.
  • London has a room in her closet called Lipstick Land.
  • Raini Rodriguez who plays Trish on Disney Channel's original series Austin & Ally guest stared in this episode as Betsy.


Zack: Dude, this statue of London is freaking me out. Its eyes, they follow you everywhere.
Cody: As opposed to the real London whose eyes just stare blankly into space.
Carey: Do you guys sing everything you say?
The Mellow Notes: (sung) Pretty much!
Bass Mellow Note: (sung) It gets annoying, doesn't it?
The Mellow Notes: (sung) We promise this date will really be tops...
Carey: (sung) If I'm not back by ten, call the cops!
Cody (to Zack) Uh-oh! You busted London's bust!
Zack: You think she'll notice? Oh, we are so in trouble!
Cody: What do you mean, "we"?
Zack: Hey, you were here. You're an accessory.
Cody: You're an idiot!
Zack: Then you're an accessory to an idiot!
Cody: (to Zack) This is great. You're going to get your money and I'm going to get my girl. Zack, you are a genius!
(The elevator door opens and London appears)
London: Oh, hi, guys! I'm back from Scotland!
Cody: (to Zack) I hate you!
Zack: Well, I'm glad that worked out. Come on, Cody, let's go.
Mr. Moseby: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Carey: Bup, bup, bup!
Mr. Moseby: Not so fast.
Carey: That's right. You two are grounded. And no TV, no oven for a month. You'll also return all of the money that you made tonight.
Mr. Moseby: As will you. I cannot believe you got involved in a scam like-- actually, I can believe it.
Cody: I can't believe I blew it with Stacey.
Carey: I hope you learned your lesson.
Cody: Yeah, when you lie to impress a girl, all you wind up with is pesto on your pizza apron.
Zack: I thought the lesson was only kiss one girl per party unless the first one goes home.
Mr. Moseby: I thought the lesson was all kids belong in military school.
Carey: You always think that's the lesson.
Mr. Moseby: And I pray one day you'll learn it.
London: (to Zack) Why did you just kiss the exterminator?
Zack: Because she may never come back.
Carey: Guys, hide me! I'm having the worst dates of my life. The quartet started a fist fight over me in the restaurant. (hides behind London)
Mr. Moseby: Wha-what? You broke up the mellow notes? They're the Beatles of barbershop quartets!
The Mellow Notes: (sung) You're the most beautiful girl in the world.
Carey: Guys, I can't date all 4 of you.
Bass Mellow Note: (sung) Then pick me
Other Mellow Notes: (sung) Me me me
All: Shut up!
The Mellow Notes: All right. Sorry.
Mr. Moseby: I want the truth now.
Carey: So do I.
Zack: Ok, the truth is we were playing fetch when we broke London's bust.
Cody: So when we heard Stacey wanted a sleepover birthday, I thought I could impress her by getting Nia's help to rent out London's suite.
Nia: But then London came back early because she couldn't find the key to her castle, so we made up the rat roaches to get London out, and Stacey thinks that Cody gave her Ivanna for her birthday and named her Noodles.
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