Smarticle Particles
Season: 2
Episode: 5 (season)
26 (series)
Production Code: 201
Originally Aired: September 11, 2009
"Kitchen Casanova"
"Family Thais"

"Smarticle Particles" is the 5th episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck.



Becky gets dumped with the freezing water.

The episode starts out with Bailey tripping over Zack who says he is going to pull a prank on Woody for salting his pudding cup. It turns out, however, that Woody has instead gone over to see what Zack and Bailey are doing, while the prank is instead triggered by Becky Moldune. Woody and Bailey give away to Becky that it was Zack's doing and she tells him that she is going to beat him up for it. Becky tells Zack to meet her at the Sky Deck for a fight. Zack tells Woody that he can't run away from Becky or fight her and lose because everybody will think he's a wimp. Instead, when the fight starts, Zack attempts to negotiate with Becky unsuccessfully, until he pulls his last resort and convinces Becky that he likes her.

Later, Zack ends up on a date with Becky, in which he realizes he needs to break up with her; Zack tries everything to make himself uglier, but even with Woody's help, they're unable to. Instead, Zack decides that he wants Woody to "steal" Becky from him. Woody attempts to seduce Becky unsuccessfully, but Zack "conveniently" sees the whole thing, and confronts Becky, forcing her to turn her anger to Woody. Later on, however, Zack sees Becky in a beautiful dress with Woody on her arm.

Meanwhile, Mr. Moseby asks London if she is ready for an upcoming test. London shows him how ready she is by showing him that she has prepared a pillow, a night mask, and a magazine to read while she is in detention. Mr. Moseby is displeased with this and tells London that she must get better in school so that he does not disappoint Mr. Tipton. After Bailey and Cody discover this, Bailey bets Cody that she can help London get a B on the test. After a single session in which London learned nothing, Cody tells Bailey to give up on their bet; however, she is not willing to give up just yet.

Bailey's next plan involves her pretending to struggle with a math problem, in the presence of London, and then spraying perfume on her to help her answer. London asks its purpose and immediately takes some. On their following test, London manages to score a C+, thanks entirely to Bailey's perfume placebo. With the finals coming up, London takes on the appearance of a businesswoman, until she overhears Bailey explaining to Cody how she improved London's grades. After she asks Bailey about this, Bailey apologizes for lying, but then starts doing so again, by providing London with a "special" placebo lipstick instead. Upon taking the final, London is happy to show Mr. Moseby that she received a B+ thanks to the lipstick, after which Cody owes Bailey a kiss for losing the bet.


  • Bailey: I know inside London there is a smart girl screaming to get out.
    • Cody: Yeah, she's screaming "Help! I am trapped inside a dim-wit!"
  • Woody: When did you start liking Becky?
    • Zack: When my spine went through my chest.
  • Bailey: It's made with special amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, that, when combined, seep through the pores of your skin and act as a brain neuron enhancer.
    • London: Huh?
    • Bailey: Stinky help you thinky.
  • London: Are we discussing something smart?
    • Bailey: We're talking about Cody's job.
    • London: Is it a smart job?
    • Cody: I hand out towels.
    • London: Are they smart towels?
    • Cody: Yeah, they absorb everything.
  • Mr. Moseby: (sees lipstick all over London's mouth) Have you been kissing a clown?


  • Dylan Sprouse sprained his wrist prior to filming this episode. Throughout the episode itself, his character, Zack, can be seen wearing the cast that Dylan was provided.
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