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*Spencer is lactose intolerant.
*Spencer is lactose intolerant.
{{stub}}he got into a fight with marion
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[[Category:Characters of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody]]
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[[Category:Male Characters]]

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Under Constrution
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Spencer Moseby
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Niece: Nia Moseby
Brothers: Marion Moseby, Dwight Howard (half-brother)
Sisters: Lily Moseby
Mother: Beulah Moseby
Grandparents: Rose Moseby (grandmother)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Dana Michael Woods
First Appearance: Moseby's Big Brother
Last Appearance: Moseby's Big Brother

Spencer Moseby is the older brother of Marion Moseby, and only appears in "Moseby's Big Brother". He is shorter than Marion and has a harsh rivalry with him. Spencer is a millionare, but goes bankrupt in "Moseby's Big Brother", though he regains his fortune the same episode.


  • Spencer is lactose intolerant.
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