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Quote1.pngLooks like my dream of a sun-drenched vacation on board a faboo cruise liner are all washed up. Time to make some lemonade out of these lemonsQuote2.png
London Tipton
Stupid Sea School
Episode: 5th
Appears In: Yay Me! Staring London Tipton
Guest: London Tipton
Special Guest: Bailey Pickett
Director: London Tipton

Stupid Sea School is the 5th webisode of Yay Me! Starring London Tipton, in was, London was talking about the Seven Seas High, in London and Bailey's Room. London also sends a bad message to her dad, because she hates the school. Also, in the middle of the show, Bailey enters the room, and London starts to have an interview with Bailey. London said "boring" all the things Bailey said.