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Suite 2330
Location: The Tipton Hotel, Boston, USA
Occupants: Zack Martin[SLOZAC]
Cody Martin[SLOZAC]
Carey Martin[SLOZAC]
Owner(s): Wilfred Tipton
First Appearance: Hotel Hangout
Last Appearance: Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit

Suite 2330 is a suite in the Tipton Hotel where Cody, Zack and Carey live, and is on the twenty-third floor.


Living Room

Is a small room, in there are the desk, the couch, the TV, the lamps, etc. Also, the couch can be transformed into a bed, in where Carey sleeps.

Zack and Cody's Room

It is a divided room, because one part is very clean (Cody's Part), and the other is a messy (Zack's Part), the room, has two beds, two furnitures, a Basket, and a telephone. The door is loaded with beware and keep out signs.


The wardrobe is giant place, also in Odd Couples, Cody changes his room to live in the Wardrobe. He put a lot of stuff (a bed, a giant TV, a desk, etc.) in there.


The bathroom is near the living room. It has a bathtub, a big mirror. The bathroom is very small but it is always clean and tidy.

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