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Super Twins
Super Twins.jpg
Season: 3
Episode: 4 (season)
69 (series)
Production Code: 305
Originally Aired: July 13, 2007
"Sink or Swim"
"Who's the Boss?"

"Super Twins" is the 4th episode of the third season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. After Zack and Cody get superpowers, they must save the world's children from being turned into mini-adults by The Meanager, Mr. Moseby's alter-ego.


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Zack and Cody wish on a star and get super powers. First, they don't feel anything. Then, Zack starts feeling power, but it ends up actually being something else. They go to bed. When they wake up, they have their powers. Cody gets the power to read minds and move objects with his mind. Zack gets the ability to move fast. They find their arch-nemesis to be none other than Mr. Moseby, who plans to turn all children into small adults. Meanwhile, Mr. Moseby makes Estaban and Arwin work for him. Arwin is forced to make a machine that turns children into their small, grownup stature. Arwin also captures Carey. Eventually Zack and Cody manage to stop Moseby by foiling his plans.

However, in the end, Zack finds out it was only a dream after he ate three slices of cold pizza before going to bed.

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  • Mr. Moseby: FORMS! I don’t fill out forms... I’m the Meanager!
    • Arwin: Ooh, you found out about your nickname, huh?
    • Mr. Moseby: What nickname?
    • Arwin: Never mind.
  • Maddie: So let me get this straight: Moseby is a supervillain and you're his evil minion sent to kidnap me? That is the silliest thing I've ever heard!
    • Esteban: Silence, captive!
    • Maddie: On second thought, that is the silliest thing I've ever heard!
  • Maddie: Now Jasmine, you need to find a healthy way to get your anger out. So when you are upset, try hitting this pillow.
    • Jasmine: (hit the pillow so hard, Maddie gets hurt)
    • Maddie: After I put it down!
  • Mr. Moseby: (laughs evilly) It's good to be the Meanager!
    • Esteban: Oh, you found out about your nickname.
    • Mr. Moseby: What nickname?!
    • Esteban: Never mind.
  • London: Aw, still not shiny enough. Stupid diamond!
    • Mirror: Oh, no diamond can compare to the sparkle in your eyes.
    • London: You're right, Mirror. But I'm still not taking you to the chateau in France.
    • Mirror: Someone's looking puffy.
    • London: (Gasps)
    • Zack: We’re here to save you! We would’ve been here earlier, but I had to defrost Cody.
    • Cody: It’s B-b-b-brain Man.
    • Zack: Right.
    • London: Save me from who?
    • Zack: The Meanager. We think he’s after your diamonds.


  • This episode was marked as an unofficial crossover. This is because another two shows (Hannah Montana and Cory in the House) wished on the same shooting star, as part of Disney's "Wish Gone Amiss Weekend".
  • Moseby's laser visions:
    • Yellow: Mind Control
    • Red: Heat Ray
    • Blue: Freeze Ray
    • Green: Turns kids into Mini-adults
    • Purple: Ray that tickles people
  • At the end of the episode, Zack says, "Something must have happened when we went through the time vortex." This could be a reference to the time vortex concept from the British sci-fi show Doctor Who.


  • Zack reportedly carries Cody back in time to the late Cretaceous when New York was a desert with a Tyrannosaurus rex nearby. This is unlikely since at that time, the location where New York now stands was underwater and Tyrannosauruses roamed what is now the Pacific Northwest.


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