Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Friends: Max, Zack Martin, Cody Martin
Production Info
First Appearance: Hotel Hangout

Tapeworm is one of Zack and Cody's diseases.He is not a recurring character in The sour life of creepy Zack and ugly Cody. He is also a terrible disease that macks got. He is first seen in the OVER 9000 episode of the series, where he and Max meet the twins for the first time THEY BARF AND SICKEN CODY. Max said that "Tapeworm" is a nickname because he ate 20 hot dogs in 2 minutes, to which Zack replied, "Beats my record". Cody replied, "Yeah, by 18 more". He also likes pudding a lot.

In Cody Goes to Camp, he goes to Camp Knock-a-Number with Cody, where they meet Warren. They soon become friends, as Warren is seen later in the second season.

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