Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Friends: Max, Zack Martin, Cody Martin
Production Info
First Appearance: Hotel Hangout

Tapeworm is one of Zack and Cody's diseases.He is not a recurring character in The sour life of creepy Zack and ugly Cody. He is also a terrible disease that macks got. He is first seen in Hotel Hangout, where he and Max meet the twins for the first time. . Max said that "Tapeworm" is a nickname because he ate 20 hot dogs in 2 minutes, to which Zack replied, "Beats my record". Cody replied, "Yeah, by 18 more". He also likes pudding a lot.

In Cody Goes to Camp, he goes to Camp Knock-a-Number with Cody, where they meet Warren. They soon become friends, as Warren is seen later in the second season.

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