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Team Tipton
Team Tipton during the motivational seminar
Season: 3
Episode: 13 (season)
78 (series)
Production Code: 312
Originally Aired: October 27, 2007

"Team Tipton" is the 13th episode of the third season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. After the Tipton employees start getting into constant fights, Mr. Moseby invites a motivational speaker to set them straight. Meanwhile, Zack and Cody have to recapture hundreds of bugs after Zack sets them loose in the hotel.


Maddie returns from Antarctica. After she conflicts with Nia and Millicent, as well as several other employees picking fights with each other, Mr. Moseby orders a seminar for them to learn to work as a team. Esteban, Arwin, Patrick, Carey, London, Mr. Moseby, Nia, Millicent, and Maddie are placed in the class with Sandy Butteaux as their instructor.

Meanwhile, Zack invites a group of entomologists to the Tipton for a bug convention, but after he is scared by a spider, he accidentally sets the whole lot loose in the hotel. Skippy, Cody, and Zack, must all work together to recapture the bugs.

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  • Cody: Are you crazy!? (picks up millipede and holds it in Zack's face) This is a priceless Malaysian Millipede, mister!
    • Zack: Keep that thing away from me or I'm gonna milli-pee my pants!
  • Maddie: (to Zack) There's a giant spider on your head!
    • Zack: I feel the same- wha, wha, wha, wha? Ah, get it off! Get it off! (throws the spider in the box; running while rubbing his head) Mommy! Spider! (Maddie looks at spider in the box)
    • Maddie: Shouldn't you tell him the spider's off his head? (Zack runs back)
    • Zack: (runs around screaming) Ahhh!
    • Cody: (to Maddie) Maybe later.
  • London: (about Millicent) Moseby, Moseby, Nervous Maddie just passed out again! (about Nia) Cranky Maddie isn't at the counter! (sees Maddie, gasps) Hideous Hair Maddie, you're back! (hugs Maddie)
    • Maddie: Suddenly I miss the frozen tundra.
  • Mr. Moseby: All right, boys, let's talk.
    • Zack: Okay, you know, I think the Red Sox have a pretty good chance this year.
    • Mr. Moseby: I meant about the bagpipes!
    • Zack: Sorry. In my defense, I didn't know it was a bagpipe. I thought it was the new Super Squirter Octopus, the one with 8 nozzles.
    • Cody: In my defense, I'm not Zack.
  • Mr. Butteax: Okay, people. The best way to understand a co-worker is by stepping into their shoes.
    • London: But, I'm a dainty size three, Maddie has the feet of Sasquatch!


  • In the scene where the bugs enter the room and everyone starts to panic, Patrick gets up and steps on one of the bugs, but the bug isn't crushed or hurt. For this episode, all the bugs were animated.
  • Zack makes a reference to the 1982 film Poltergeist when he says that the St. Mark was built on an ancient burial ground, the trees came to life, and the televisions ate children. These are all notable events from the movie.