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The Beauty and the Fleeced
Season: 2
Episode: 12 (season)
33 (series)
Production Code: 212
Guest Stars: Matthew Timmons as Woody Fink
Brittany Ross as Capri
Originally Aired: November 20, 2009
"Bermuda Triangle"
"The Swede Life"

"The Beauty and The Fleeced" is the 12th episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck. Zack, Marcus, and Woody create a fake beauty pageant so they can meet girls. When Mr. Moseby learns of their plans, he punishes them by forcing them to see it through. Meanwhile, Bailey enters the pageant to try to beat London and hires Cody as her coach, but when he becomes too controlling, she gets fed up with his way of coaching.


A bunch of girls come aboard the S.S. Tipton, whom Zack and Woody find beautiful. To get close to them, Zack and Woody decide to hold a fake beauty pageant, the "Miss Tipton Beauty Pageant", planning to cancel it later simply to get closer to the girls. In the mean time, London decides to enter the pageant, not knowing that it is fake. When London starts packing Bailey's stuff for her tiara shelf and insults Bailey multiple times when asking Bailey what she needs a tiara shelf, Bailey decides to enter the beauty pageant.

After hearing this, Cody offers to train Bailey because he has been in a beauty pageant before (making reference to the episode "The Fairest of Them All"). When Zack and Woody are questioned on whether or not the pageant is real they make it seem legit by putting Lil' Little, (Marcus) in the operation, which Marcus accepts in the blink of an eye. After that, Zack gets close to one of the girls, Capri.

When the boys cancel the pageant London goes to complain to Mr. Moseby who realizes that the boys must have created a fake pageant and makes them keep the pageant in real operation, to the boys' excitement. But as punishment, Moseby makes the boys responsible for set up, clean up and, if the girls get nervous, throw up. Plus, the boys cannot interact with the girls before, during, or after the pageant. When they try to make up for lost time, Cody goes overboard with Bailey's training. They have a huge argument which ends in Cody deciding not to come to the pageant and Bailey telling Cody that she does not need his help to win anyway.

At the pageant, Zack roots for Capri, Marcus for London and Woody just acts normal. During the talent portion of the pageant Capri jump rope's while saying Abraham Lincoln's "Emancipation Proclamation", only to forget the very last word in the speech. London's talent is shopping. She can order anything and have it shipped in seconds. Finally, Bailey sings her original song, "Country Girl". She is by far the most talented, yet London nearly persuades the crowd to vote for her by dropping $10,000 in cash as bribery.

But Cody saves the day by walking in and persuading the crowd that Bailey is the prettiest and most talented contestant. In the end, Bailey wins, much to London's dismay and to Cody's happiness. Cody and Bailey make up and walk off together in happiness. London orders several things of clothing because she is depressed and Mr. Moseby gets a new jacket from London's plane.

The girls at the pageant find out that the pageant was fake and make Marcus, Zack, and Woody dress up and have a swim suit competition as punishment.



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