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The Defiant Ones
Season: 2
Episode: 15 (season)
36 (series)
Production Code: 218
Guest Stars: Erin Cardillo as Emma Tutweiller
Michael Hitchcock as Mr. Blanket
Writer: Dan Signer
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: January 15, 2010
"Mother of the Groom"
"Any Given Fantasy"

"The Defiant Ones" is the 15th episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck.


Because of hanging out with Bailey the whole day, Cody forgets to do a report, so he lies that he was with Bailey who sprained her ankle. This lie gets bigger to the point that the whole ship is convinced there is a crocodile aboard. Now Cody has to find a way to cover up his lies. He forces Bailey, London and Marcus to help.

Meanwhile, Mr. Blanket is upset with Mr. Moseby and Zack constantly fighting so he handcuffs them together. Throughout the episode, Zack and Moseby find that both their lives are miserable. Zack seeing Moseby has to put up with annoying passengers and Moseby sees Zack has to suffer from his job, homework, and Ms. Tutweiller.

In the end, Cody's business with his lies forced him to forget about his report again. Cody finally gets enough of lying and asks for an F.

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  • When Cody starts writing his essay on Napoleon, the words he uses are largely verbatim from a then-current revision of the Napoleon Bonaparte Wikipedia page.


  • In "The Spy Who Shoved Me", London says when Cody lies his nose crinkles up yet it doesn't when he lies in this episode.
  • In the first scene, when Mrs. Tutweiler gives Marcus a C- on his assignment, she called him Mr. T but his last name is Little.
  • She called him Mr. T because he was smooth talking her saying there wasn’t a Mr. T, because she was single, and then he said well there is, and he proceeded to do a Mr. T impression
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