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Quote1.pngI'm back with a new show all about my favorite thing in the world. FASHION! On second thought, Fashion is my favorite second thing, myself being first!Quote2.png
—London Tipton

The Fashion, The Furious
Episode: 6th
Guest: London Tipton
Special Guest: Woody Fink
Bailey Pickett
Director: London Tipton
Woody Fink

The Fashion, The Furious is the 6th webisode of Yay Me! Starring London Tipton, the title is a parody of the movie, The Fast and the Furious. As the title, the theme of London in this show is the Fashion.


Starts with London saying to the public about a serious thing, the FASHION (as she), and also she with Woody writes a song called "The Fashion, The Furious". Later than Woody's dance of "The Fashion, The Furious"; Bailey becames to the room.