The Mommy and the Swami
Season: 1
Episode: 12 (season)
12 (series)
Production Code: 115
Absent: Debby Ryan as Bailey Pickett
Originally Aired: January 9, 2009
"Maddie on Deck"

"The Mommy and the Swami" is the 12th episode of the first season of The Suite Life on Deck. Zack and Cody go to see the Swami, an Indian Guru. Meanwhile, Padma, the old roommate of London, come back to the S.S. Tipton to want the help of London to her mother thinks Padma has been on the S.S. Tipton.


After the S.S. Tipton docks in India, Zack and Cody go to see the famous Swami Banukapatu in order to find Nirvana, whom Zack believes to be a girl. However, the boys find out that Swami is just running a tourist trap in order swindle people out of their money. Meanwhile, Padma Shinivasanviswanathan, (London's original roommate), makes a return to the school when her mother, Gitanjali comes to visit. Padma threatens that she will tell Mr. Moseby that she got bribed if London won't help her trick Gitanjali that she's still attending Seven Seas High.

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  • (London is introduced to Padma's mother, Gitanjali)
    • Gitanjali: Hello, I am Gitanjali.
    • London: Ooh, that's kind of hard to pronounce. Got a last name?
    • Gitanjali: Shrinivasanviswanathan.
    • London: How about a nickname? You like "Buffy"?
  • Padma's Mother: Then you must know London's roommate.
    • Mr. Moseby: Oh, sure yes. Great girl, very smart. Ooh, funny too. She's into all that hog calling and square dancing, you know. (moves arm in circular motion and smiling while making tractor noise)
  • Padma: Okay, we need a plan to stop my mother from taking me home. Well, come on, think!
    • London: I do something nice like give you that necklace, and you repay me by making me think?
    • Padma: That necklace was a bribe, and now your karma is coming back.
    • London: My car is coming back, with my chauffeur and everything?!
  • Padma: Oh, London, thank goodness you're here.
    • London: Who are you?
    • Padma: Padma.
    • London: Huh?
    • Padma: Your old roommate.
    • London: Huh?
    • Padma: Your maid.
    • London: Huh?
    • Padma: Student maid.
    • London: Oh, hey! How have you been?
  • Mr. Moseby: Cody, I find it admirable that you're pursuing spiritual enlightenment. Zack, why the heck are you going?
    • Zack: Cody says we're going to find nirvana. I bet she's hot. (walks off)
    • Cody: I'm going to tell him nirvana's not a girl after we reach the top of the mountain.
  • Mr. Moseby: Cody, look, I have 300 guests coming on board in India, and my computer keeps shutting down.
    • Zack: Sounds like every girl after Cody talks to them.
  • Padma: If you don't help me, I will tell Mr. Moseby you forced me out, and you will be expelled.
    • London: But if I get kicked out of this school, daddy will send me to military school! And I hate camouflage clothing! They're so hard to find in my closet!
  • Padma's Mother: Padma has told me much about you in her letters. She says that you are a very studious girl.
    • London: That's right! They don't get any studious-er than me!
  • Cody: In order to achieve full enlightenment, one must give up their worldly possessions.
    • Zack: I'm not giving up my cell phone. I just downloaded the new Funky Frog ringtone.
    • (Funky Frog ringtone plays)
    • Zack: Ribbit, ribbit!
  • Padma: Just smile, nod, and don't say anything.
    • (London is nodding her head and smiling)
    • Padma: Perfect.
    • (London is still nodding her head and smiling)


  • We find out the surname of Padma and her mother is Shinivasanviswanathan.
  • When Zack and Cody were on the Swami's mountain, he said one of the video games the Swami played was "Sitar Hero". This is a parody of Guitar Hero.
  • This is the first episode that Bailey does not appear in. According to London, she went on a school field trip to see Taj Mahal.


  • When Padma starts her Indian dance, one can see that London and Mr.Moseby—who should be hiding behind her, as in the following scene—are completely absent.
  • The man from the call center tells Moseby to find the solution to his problem on their website to which he says he can't because his computer is frozen in reality since Moseby is out at sea he would not have internet access unless he purchases an internet package.


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