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The Prince & The Plunger
The Prince and The Plunger
Arwin on his "date" with Carey
Season: 1
Episode: 6 (season)
6 (series)
Production Code: 106
Guest Stars: Brian Stepanek as Arwin Hochauser
Writer: Adam Lapidus
Director: Andrew Tsao
Originally Aired: April 15, 2005
"Grounded on the 23rd Floor"

"The Prince & The Plunger" is the 6th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Carey discovers she has a "secret admirer". When Zack and Cody go to see Arwin, they discover that he is the "secret admirer" of Carey, because he was with all the poems, and the flowers. But Carey thinks her secret admirer was Serge, the concierge. Meanwhile, Mr. Moseby has to convince London to go to the Father-Daughter Dance.


Carey receives flowers and a poem from a secret admirer. Zack, Cody, and Maddie believe it is the new employee—Serge the Concierge—and he admits to sending the gifts. However, Serge is a bit of a jerk and treats the boys like they're babies. While their mom is out on her date, they discover that Arwin is infatuated with Carey, and was the one who wrote the poem and sent the flowers. The boys and Maddie work to clean Arwin up, and to expose Serge as a pretender. Ultimately, Carey lets Arwin down gently, dumps Serge, and the boys dump llama milk on his head.

Mr. Moseby is excited that Mr. Tipton is coming to visit the hotel and to take London to the Father-Daughter Dance at London's school. London, however, is convinced that he won't show as usual. After Moseby gets the hotel in perfect condition and hires a band to welcome his boss, he learns that Mr. Tipton is a no-show (as London predicted), and the pilot brings London a diamond necklace as an apology. Moseby discovers London crying in the linen closet; her tough attitude about her father once again disappointing her is revealed to be a front. Moseby asks London if she would like him to be her escort to the Father-Daughter Dance. She agrees, looks him up and down and says, "You're gonna change, right?"


  • Cody: (walks in hotel picking wedgie) Why do you always give me a wedgie on the bus?
  • Zack: Because we can't afford a cab.

  • Mr. Moseby: Now, what are you going to wear to the "Father-Daughter Dance"? Something elegant and classic?
  • London: I'm thinking: tube-top and hot pants.
  • Mr. Moseby: Do we feel that is appropriate for a school dance?
  • London: We feel it is appropriate for a beach house, which is where I'll be when Daddy can't make it.
  • Mr. Moseby: I'm sure he'll be here. This is a Father-Daughter event...and he's the "father" part.
  • London: And here's the "daughter" part, off to buy a bathing suit. Toodles.

  • Carey: If this secret admirer reveals himself, I'll consider him...that is, if he isn't a stalker or ex-felon.
  • Muriel: Don't knock it 'til you tried it honey.

  • Zack [to Cody]: You're so selfish! Can't you think of anything besides Mom's happiness?

  • Maddie: (on the phone) I am Princess Bapalapashamalamadingdong. Where is my llama milk?
  • Serge: Llama milk? Your husband said to get goat milk!
  • Maddie: My husband, Prince Bapalapashamalamadingdong is a ding-dong! (hangs up)

  • Carey [to Serge]: Violets are blue, Roses are red. My boys were right. Go soak your head.

  • Serge [to Carey]: Sorry, I was running around town looking for llama milk for a Prince Bapalapashamalamadingdong; turns out there's no one in the hotel with that name.
  • Carey: There's no one in the world with that name.

  • Carey: I can figure out by myself if a guy's no good.
  • Zack: But you didn't figure out that Serge was a lying doofus?
  • Carey: Now, now, let's not call anybody names. Even if they are lying doofuses.

  • Zack: Arwin reads poetry, he thinks Mom is pretty, he has a picture of mom that lights up...when he claps. That means...
  • Cody: Mom's on a date with the wrong guy, and it's all our fault! Quick! Let's tell her before she gets the urge for Serge!

  • Zack: Now we can have teen rated fun!
  • Cody: Great, I'll grab my blankie.

  • Maddie: I bet it's the new guy, Serge the Concierge! He's single, your mom's age, and he's working on a romantic novel.
  • Cody: He's writing a book?
  • Maddie: He's reading one.

  • Cody: Did you see how those flowers made mom smile?
  • Zack: Yeah. It's great. If she has a boyfriend. She'll be so busy being all girlie with him. She'll leave us alone!
  • Cody: And she'll be happy.
  • Zack: And we'll be able to play that video game.
  • Cody: And she'll be happy.
  • Zack: And we won't have to make our beds!
  • Cody: And she'll be happy!
  • Zack: You're so selfish! Can't you think of anything except mom's happiness?!

  • Carey: So you guys would really be ok if I started dating?
  • Zack: Yeah. It's like I told Cody -- If it makes you happy. It makes us happy.