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The Spy Who Shoved Me
Season: 2
Episode: 1 (season)
22 (series)
Production Code: 205
Guest Stars: Sara Erickson as Red Finger
Gildart Jackson as James Smith
Writer: Jim Geoghen
Director: Shelley Jensen
Originally Aired: August 7, 2009

"The Spy Who Shoved Me" is the 1st episode of the second season of The Suite Life on Deck.


Zack and Cody are bored from their jobs, but when a spy climbs aboard taking out another spy the night suddenly gets exciting. They try to get away without the spy finding them, but fail. James Smith the spy gets the boys to sign a confidentiality contract and then drinks a week old Prune Wiz, he gets sick and goes rushing into the women's bathroom, while the boys rush off to tell Mr. Moseby about the spy, which Mr. Moseby doesn't believe and just waves them off. Zack then gets a text from Mr. Smith telling them that he is in Zack's room, the text then "explodes" shown by smoke coming from the phone.

Rushing off to see what the spy wants, the boys run into Bailey and London. The boys lie to Bailey and London about what they are doing. Bailey gets mad and demands the truth which makes Cody tell her everything, but she still doesn't believe them.When they reach Zack's room, they find out that Agent Smith is still sick from the Prune Wiz and is confined near the bathroom the rest of the night. He then enlists Zack and Cody for their help and with a little persuading, the boys decide to help. Zack and Cody then sneak into a party looking for a woman named Red Finger named after her red finger, who has possession of the microchip the boys need to get. Bailey, searches for Cody an can't find him. This causes Bailey to become angrier with Cody about how he isn’t telling her the truth. But, even when Cody tells her the truth, she still doesn’t believe him. Later, the boys ask London to read palms so they can find Red Finger.

However, their mission isn’t over when they are captured by opposing spies. Tied to chairs, they try to text Bailey for help, but that fails miserably. Red Finger then comes in and tells them that Agent Smith is a liar. The twins then go off trying to find Agent Smith to take the microchip back from him. They enlist London’s help again, this time to read feet, to get his shoe which has the microchip in it. Zack and Cody then rush off with the chip only to run into Bailey. Bailey is mad at Cody and refuses to talk to him, but finally believes his story when she sees the rope burns on his wrists. Cody gives her the chip to protect it, but he makes her promise not to look at it.

Zack and Cody then meet up with both Red Finger and Agent Smith. They both tell the boys the other is a liar, and each asks for the chip. Bailey then comes in with the chip and loses it to the spies. Mr. Moseby, now believing the boys, takes the chip, not giving it back until he finds out who it belongs to. Bailey says it doesn’t matter anyways, for she found out that it only had a secret mayonnaise recipe on it. The spies were of competing sandwich associations. Red Finger states that she is with the CIA, (Condiment Institute of America) while Agent Smith was with the NSA (National Sandwich Alliance). Bailey ended up giving the recipe to her aunt Myrtle who posted it for the town to see, making it no longer a secret. Cody gets mad at Bailey, for he trusted her, but she betrayed his trust by looking at the microchip. She kisses him on the lips, and he forgives her immediately.

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  • The title of this episode, "The Spy Who Shoved Me," is an allusion to the film and novel, The Spy Who Loved Me.
    • James Smith is a parody of James Bond.
    • Red Finger is a parody of Anya Amasova, and her name is a parody of Goldfinger.
  • The scene where Zack gets a message from Smith and then the message self-destructs is a parody of the message destructing object used in the Mission: Impossible films.
  • This is the first episode of the series to be shot and broadcast in high definition. Also starting with this episode, the show utilizes a "filmized" appearance, however it is still shot on tape.
  • This is the first episode where the twins' voices change.
  • It's revealed that when Cody lies, he wrinkles his nose.
  • This episode was aired on August 7th, 2009, 3 days after the Sprouses' 17th birthday.


  • The chair that James Smith uses to climb aboard would not have been able to hold his weight long enough to scale the hull.
  • When Zack and Cody were 13 they only had tricycles and then they bought one for the both of them so Cody couldn’t of taken the training wheels off his bike at 13 and they rode tricycles until then so he wouldn’t have training wheels on the bike anyway
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