The Suite Life Goes Hollywood
Season: 2
Episode: 36, 37 (season)
Production Code: 238, 239
Guest Stars: Brecken Palmer as cast Zack Martin
Bridger Palmer as cast Cody Martin
Cameron Goodman as cast Maddie
Dante Basco as Madrid Tipton
Benjamin Brown as cast Moseby
Michele Nordin as cast Carey
The Veronicas as themselves
Special Guest: Rich Correll as TV Director
Writer: Jim Geoghan, Danny Kallis
Director: Rich Correll
Originally Aired: April 20, 2007
"Back in the Game"
"I Want My Mummy"

"The Suite Life Goes Hollywood" is a two-part episode spanning episodes 36 and 37 of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. A director comes up with an idea for a television show based off Zack and Cody's life at the Tipton, and they are invited (along with Carey, Maddie, London, and Mr. Moseby) to Hollywood to see it in production.


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It was a very cold day, in the middle of winter, when Zack and Cody get discovered by talent scouts, the Tipton staff goes to Hollywood to watch a pilot of a TV show, that is a lot like the real show. It was called How Suite It Is.

Maddie was supposed to go to Minnesota to go ice fishing with her family, but then her plans got changed for her to go to Hollywood with the rest of them. They all went there in London's private jet. They stayed at the Tipton in Los Angeles, and they met the cast of the show: Zack and Cody were being played by two little boys, Carey was being played by a young lady, Maddie was being played by a pretty girl who pretended to like her, London was played by a boy, and Moseby was being played by a tall man who talks with street slang.

The crew thought that the twins playing Zack and Cody were too young, so they let the real Zack and Cody play themselves. At first they were very excited about it, but eventually Cody got nervous because so many people were watching and forgot his lines.

Maddie, London, and Moseby kept on telling their actors how to act, so they kicked them out. One of the crew people asked the audience if there were any talented people there, and The Veronicas were in the audience. After they performed they liked them because they can sing, they were cute, they were twins, and they were from Australia (they are annoyed when asked if they're English). Zack and Cody were fired from the show, and The Veronicas were hired.

Meanwhile, Maddie and London both had a crush on a movie star. The only way they could meet him was if they snuck onto the set of an old-western film, so they put on costumes. One of the crew members thought they were the stunt doubles. But they heard that after they do the stunts, they would get kissed by the actor they both like.

First, they had to jump off the roof of the saloon, and land on a mat. Next they had to keep on fighting and land into a tub of dirty water, then cover themselves in mud. Then after that, the actor would go kiss the both of them. Just then, when they were about to kiss the actor, the director yelled "cut!" and then he called in the real actresses to do the kiss. It turned out they did all of those dangerous and dirty stunts for no reason.


This episode was among the top five shows for viewers ages 6–11 as of April 27, 2007. The New York Daily News described "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood" as "innocent," and as "a two-part adventure."

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  • Carey: Boys, what's going on here?
    • Zack: There's a dead body in that bag!
    • Lou: Are these your kids?
    • Carey: Are you guys cops?
    • Bud: No.
    • Carey: Then yes.
  • Zack: Bye, Maddie. (Hugs her)
    • Cody: Bye, Maddie. (Hugs her)
    • Carey: Bye, Maddie. (Hugs her)
    • Zack: (Pulling his mom away and hugging her again) Bye, Maddie.
    • Carey: Zack, remember how we talked about people's personal space?
    • Zack: Yeah, but I like Maddie's space the best.
  • Mr. Moseby: I can't believe we got kicked out
    • London: Of my own hotel. I'm calling daddy!
    • Maddie: It's not your hotel. its a set... Hello, make-believe!
    • London: Make believe what?
    • Maddie: That you have a brain!


  • The actor who plays the casting director that came looking for a new show idea is the actual director for the show, Rich Correll.
  • When Zack and Cody come down to the lobby, they say, "There are a couple of hitmen in 2121!" This is possibly a reference to another Disney Channel series, Phil of the Future.
  • The talent scouts were named Bud and Lou, possibly after Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.
  • The studio audience and set were actually filmed within Hollywood Center Studios.
  • The dog running on the beach with the gang at the end of Part 1 is actually Dylan and Cole Sprouse's dog in real life, Bubba.
  • When London told Maddie they can sneak into a movie set dressed as a princess and her ugly step-sister, it was a reference to a movie version of the Cinderella folklore.


  • In previous episodes such as "Election", "Lip Synchin' in the Rain", and "A Midsummer's Nightmare", Cody had no problem preforming in front of large crowds and cameras, yet in this episode, he has stage fright. Though it's possibly the quantity might have effected.
  • When Zack says the line, "It's a hamster not a hippo!" he grabs the box from Cody. But when they show them again, Cody has the box.


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