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Featured articles exemplify the very best work of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Wiki. Unlike Collaboration of the Week, which is on the Community Portal and need improvement, Featured articles are this wiki's best articles.

The articles which are nominated will have a small star (Star.png), the articles will be have a limited time to be voted (one month),only for the users.

Please Note: Only registred users can vote.


See The Suite Life Wiki:Featured articles nominations. The Article should be already be an A-class article. A list can be found here.


Voting should be limited to registered users only. Votes registered by anon users should be struck off using a strike through (Some text).

After seven days, articles must be promoted or rejected depending on their vote total. Currently a clear 3 votes in favour/against will be sufficient, although this is subject to review if and when the community expands.

After the waiting period is over each article will be promoted or rejected. For a few days an archive of the voting shall remain on the nominations page. Afterwards a record of the nomination must be entered on the former nominations page, regardless of success or failure. Said Article shall remain as the Featured Article for a month, as of July 30th 2009.

List of Featured Articles

  1. Lip Synchin' in the Rain: March 8 to March 15
  2. London Tipton: March 8 to March 15