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The Suite Smell of Excess
Parallel Universaliser (1)
The Parallel Universalizer
Season: 2
Episode: 15 (season)
41 (series)
Production Code: 210
Originally Aired: June 2, 2006
"Kept Man"
"Going for the Gold"

"The Suite Smell of Excess" is the 15th episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack and Cody get angry because everyone in the Tipton is busy (and don't want to play), but, when they go to see Arwin, they see the P.U. (Parallel Universaliser), in where they go to a parallel universe.


The episode starts out as Zack and Cody trying to sneak out of the room to play hockey. Carey, not turning around, says "And just where do you two think you're going?" Cody and Zack stop, Cody is surprised, because she didn't even turn around. Zack said that, that eyes behind the head thing is creepy. Carey tells them that she has 20, 20, and then points at the back of her head and finishes saying 20, 20 vision. She tells them that they have to put on their helmets and pads, Zack wonders if they can go bungee jumping later with the helmets and pads, but she says no. So then they go reading, Zack tells Cody to "be careful" that he has to wear his helmet. Cody gets a paper cut, and he says "Ow! Paper cut! Kiss it mommy!" Zack looks at him disappointed.

In the lobby, Zack and Cody start riding around. Zack and Cody stop by Maddie, she tells them that her foot is killing her, she gets out of the counter, and Zack and Cody see her with high-heels, she says that London is paying her 100 dollars to wear them. Zack and Cody start skating around, Mr. Moseby starts chasing them around to stop them. He stops, he yells at them telling them to stop, Cody hits the puck and it lands on Mr. Moseby's mouth. In the counter, Maddie tells London that she can't wear them anymore, London says "20 dollars?" and Maddie takes it.

In Arwins' office, Arwin is talking to a cut out of Carey. Zack and Cody come in, and they look scared. Arwin says, that he is practicing asking Carey out. Arwin then shows them a "pay phone". The pay phone really is a Parallel Universaliser. He shortens it to PU. He says that it can transport them into another world. But he has to "go". Zack and Cody go in, and get transported.

Then they go out to the Lobby, thinking that they are still in the same old world. They see Mr. Moseby, and he is wearing a yellow cap and shades. He is acting "hip". Cody thinks there are hidden cameras, but then Mr. Moseby starts throwing spit ball. Maddie then comes, but she comes dress as London, and London is working at the Candy Counter. Cody and Zack think everyone is just acting so they go upstairs. Carey is letting them do anything, and eat anything. Carey says that she will see them tomorrow...maybe. Instead of using the elevator she bungee jumps. Esteban comes in dressed as a woman. He says that he is Estebanita. It is then revealed that everyone here is the opposite version to the original.

Cody and Zack go down to the lobby. Parallel London tells Zack and Cody to take as much of the candy's they want. And she says "Sweet-Thang" Later, Zack, Cody and Parallel Mr. Moseby start jumping and the couches. A few days later in the suite, they have been watching movies and eating candies for 2 days, Parallel Carey leaves, saying that she will be gone for a year promoting Carey's new #1 album, Who Needs Kids?, Parallel Arwin comes in with great hair, and Carey has a crush on him. Zack and Cody are starting to not like the parallel universe. They go back down to Arwin's office and get in the machine and they go back home.

Arwin comes in, and Zack and Cody hug him. They tell him about the parallel universe, and he starts trying to go there. Zack and Cody then go to the lobby and hug Mr. Moseby, and they hug Maddie and London. Carey comes in and they hug her, they tell them the story, and tell them the Esteban was a woman. Esteban comes in dressed as a woman, planning to go to a costume party. Zack and Cody start screaming, and leave.

In the suite, Carey tells them if they want pie for dessert, Zack and Cody tell her that vegetables are better. Carey tells them it was a dream, Cody and Zack leave for bed time. Carey digs in Zack's pocket and sees the quarter with George Clooney in there. She says "I'm keeping this one" The episode ends on that.

Memorable Quotes

  • Maddie: I bet you also think a woman's place is in the kitchen?
    • Esteban: Only after she gets back from the grocery store.
    • Maddie: Oh that attitude is so typically male. I'll have you know women are capable of doing anything!
    • Esteban: How about talking quietly?
  • Cody: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
    • Zack: Chihuahuas have freakishly large ears?
    • Cody: (looks at Zack)
    • Zack: I mean, compared to their little bodies, they're like MASSIVE!
  • Cody: What's twelve times twelve?
    • London: A math question?


  • The title of this episode, "The Suite Smell of Excess", is an allusion to 1957 film noir, Sweet Smell of Success.
  • The P.U. is a reference to The Doctor's TARDIS from Doctor Who.
  • It's never revealed where the Zack and Cody of the other universe are while the main Zack and Cody are in their universe although it's possible with their lack of guidance that they were loose somewhere in the city.
    • Zack is most likely in prison. According to the radio at the end of the episode, it is illegal to weight more than 97 pounds, which Zack definitely does given his size.
  • A. Diddy (parallel Arwin) is the parody of P. Diddy.
  • Parallel Maddie is not only like London Tipton, but she is also similar to Sharpay Evans (who is also played by Ashley Tisdale).
  • Zack says to Cody “Cody, I have a funny feeling that we’re not in Boston anymore“ it’s a parody of Dorothy Gale telling her dog, Toto that they’re not in Kansas anymore from The Wizard Of Oz.


  • When Zack and Cody came out of the P.U. machine to their normal universe, the door was open. At the next shot, the door was closed.
  • When Arwin attempts to use his P.U. machine to go to the parallel universe, a screen monitor and Dylan and Cole Sprouse can be seen in the reflection of the glass on the door.
  • In the parallel universe, Arwin was not an engineer, thus it makes little sense for him to have invented a P.U. of his own.


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