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Theo Cavenaugh
Kept man
Theo, in his only appearance
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 12-13
Friends: Zack (formerly)
Nemesis: Cody
Production Info
Portrayed by: Mike Weinberg
First Appearance: "Kept Man"
Last Appearance: "Kept Man"

Theo Cavenaugh is a minor character who made an appearance in a single episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. He is very rich but insulting. His only appearance is in the episode, "Kept Man". He is portrayed by Mike Weinberg, who is best known for playing Kevin Mcallister in Home Alone 4.


Theo Cavenaugh is a rich boy whom Zack and Cody meet at the hotel. The twins respect Theo for persuading Mr. Moseby to open the ice-cream bar at an earlier time. Theo invites the twins to his mansion.

Although he appears to like Zack, he dislikes Cody due to his geeky personality. He shows an obvious preference towards Zack, being rude to Cody when the twins first come over. He tries to keep Zack as his friend by buying him expensive items such as clothing and games. He purposely excludes Cody and forces Zack to leave Cody behind. Theo invites Zack to a basketball game, forcing him to cancel his plans of watching a movie with Cody. When Zack momentarily leaves, Theo insults Cody and calls him a dork. Zack is invited to a concert that takes place during Cody's speech, which means a lot to Cody and forces Zack to have to choose between the two. Zack chooses to go to the concert with Theo, however, feels bad and suggests they see Cody's speech. Theo compares the idea of watching Cody's speech with watching grass die. When Zack protests, he says, "Who cares about Cody? You're hanging out with me now." When Theo asks Zack to illegally record the concert, Zack rethinks his relationship with Theo and realizes that he is being used. When Theo insults Cody and calls him lame, Zack decides to break up with Theo, and before leaving to see Cody's speech, gives Theo back the items Theo gave him.

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Theo acts a lot like London does to Maddie, though he displays this meanness toward Cody instead. Unlike London, however, he has no problem sharing his wealth, particularly with Zack. Additionally, whereas London is more oblivious about her occasional rude attitude towards Maddie, Theo intentionally turns down Cody. He often boasts of his expensive lifestyle. Theo is self-centred and uses his wealth to initially gain and keep his friends, then begins to use his friends for his own needs. As shown in the episode, he appears to bribe Zack at the start, and eventually starts to use Zack to do errands and illegally film the concert.

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