Twins at the Tipton
Season: 2
Episode: 11 (season)
37 (series)
Production Code: 215
Originally Aired: March 31, 2006
"Not So Suite 16"
"Neither a Borrower nor a Speller Bee"

"Twins at the Tipton" is the 11th episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. After Mr. Moseby hosts a twin convention, Zack and Cody go out with beautiful English twin girls, but Zack is kicked aside when Cody's emotions break down. Maddie and London go on a double date with fraternal twins, and Maddie is repulsed by her date while London gets the "good" one.


The Tipton hosts a "Twins" convention. Zack gets excited when he talks two beautiful twin girls from England into going out with him and Cody. Reluctantly, Cody agrees to go along for Zack's sake, feeling miserable the entire evening, since his girlfriend had just dumped him a couple days earlier. The twin sisters feel sympathy for Cody (even remembering old relationships of theirs that ended badly), so both attach themselves to him, leaving Zack out in the cold.

As he always does in a situation like this, Zack complains to his mom how his brother's ultra-sensitivity had fumbled his plans with a girl again. But much to Zack's surprise, Carey ends up siding with Cody, pointing out that what happened to Zack was karma--Zack, out selfishness, tried pushing Cody into something when he wasn't ready for it, and explains that it will probably be a little while before Cody feels that he's ready to start dating again. Ironically, however, just after Carey says that, Cody finally comes back home with the English twin sisters, he's happy and completely over what happened between him and his previous girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Maddie and London agree to date twin brothers Dirk and Kirk. The first one to appear, a good-looking twin, was London's, and Maddie agreed to get the second, sight unseen. Though she assumes that being twins Kirk will be as attractive as his brother. Unfortunately she doesn't know that Dirk and Kirk are fraternal twins, meaning that they aren't identical, much to Maddie's horror.


  • When Bob runs down a list of people who he heard said that Cody's girlfriend broke up with him, he lists the names of the actors in the opening credits in reverse: Phill (Lewis), Kim (Rhodes), Brenda (Song), Ashley (Tisdale), Dylan (Sprouse), and Cole (Sprouse).
  • A running gag in this episode is London and Maddie saying things at the same time when they get upset.


Zack: I wanna make fun of Cody before his date, and it's always nice to have backup.
Bob: Actually, I'm here because there is no date. Irma postponed it.
Zack: When?
Bob: When I say postponed, I mean dumped!
Zack: She dumped him? That'll crush him! We'll have to break it to him gently. (Cody walks in) Hey, Cody! Welcome to the club!
Cody: What club?
Zack: The-Guys-Who-Aren't-Dating-Irma Club.
Bob: That's your idea of gentle?
Zack: Hey, I didn't kick him.
Jessica: Excuse me, did you happen to see someone who looks exactly like me?
Zack: Yeah, last night in my dreams.
Bob: Last night, I dreamt I was being devoured by ferocious hamsters. Turns out it was just my little brother nibbling on my toes.
Zack (to Cody): Okay, buddy, this was a tough break, but there are lots of fish in the sea.
Cody: (crying) I don't want a fish. I want Irma!
Zack: Come on, with whiskers like those, she looks like a catfish.
Jessica: You know, Cody, it's bad to keep things bottled up inside!
Janice: Bad, really!
Jessica: Really bad!
Zack: (in a British accent) Oh, not really!
Carey: Zack, you are very insensitive to your brother! You shouldn't be using him for your own selfish schedule! (turns to Cody) Don't forget to pre-soak!
Maddie: (to Dirk) The steak is really great here.
Dirk: Did you know that it takes three hours for meat to move through your intestines so the bile can churn up the gastric acid?
Maddie: I think I'll have a salad.
Dirk: Did you know...
Everybody in the restaurant: Don't care!
Maddie (to London): He wanted me to help him land on another girl!
London: What a jerk!
Maddie: Yeah, it was you!
London: least he's got good taste.
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