Who is Mr. Red?

As you can see, I love Cody and Bailey. As a member of the staff here at The Suite Life Wiki,
I feel my job on this wiki is to edit pages and help share my love for the Suite Life on Deck
with people. For those who do not know, I want to be as helpful as possible when it comes to editing. If you have any tips for me, I would love to here them. If you have any questions or concerns, head over to my talk page, just make sure to put your signature on your comment so I know who you are. Also, please do not try to mess pages up. We work
very hard to make them. I hope we can be great friends and I will do my best to make this wiki the best ever!

Favorite Episodes:

  1. "Twister"
  2. "Graduation on Deck"
  3. "Kitchen Casanova"
  4. "Lost at Sea"
  5. "Double-Crossed"
Prom Night Cailey
Basically any other episodes that have to do with Cody and Bailey but these are by far my favorite of them all!

My Work on this Wiki

I officially became a member in January of 2011 and I have been working hard along with great users to get this wiki up to the standards it should be at. I have the "administrator" position at this time. There have been 73,475 edits made to this wiki so far. I have made 2,121 of them. There are plenty more to come from me.

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