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I can tell you the issue with each and every one, if you'd like.

  • This is an unnecessary detail; yes, she's holding her mirror, and anyone can see that without having to make an inference.
  • This is again, filled with unnecessary detail. Yes, the diapers are Arturo Vitali, but that detail is not relevant to her personality since she didn't specifically choose them. You also removed a necessary template, as well as adding unnecessary formatting and the trivia added (as well as here) is irrelevant to her as a character (e.g. the bracelet is only seen in one episode).
  • The Karina Tipton edits I kept because those are actually relevant details.
  • This... well... being gasy[sic] is not a trait of personality or character, and is hardly even trivial. Ethel is mentioned once and does not deserve a section.
  • This is poorly worded and a one-time gag that doesn't carry through the character of the pig, London, or Bailey.
  • This... he's a pet, not a character. He doesn't need details of the one-time gags.
  • This is two sentence stubs that do not sound like properly encyclopedic English, and do not add to the breadth of the article.

Now, I can go on, but my point here is that I've no problem with you making good, solid, encyclopedic edits. The problem is that I've seen very few if any of those thus far. And I'm not sure what you mean by Wikia not being for everyone... if you make good edits, you're more than welcome to continue; reverts are to keep the best content, not to keep what's already there.

Soxxeh [TALK] 23:28, February 14, 2012 (UTC)
The one with Maddie was fine, the one with Mr. Moseby ruined the page's layout, though (pushing the table of contents and lead aside). Feel free to re-add Maddie's though. Soxxeh [TALK] 21:21, February 17, 2012 (UTC)
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