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Volley Dad
Volley Dad
Season: 2
Episode: 24 (season)
50 (series)
Production Code: 227
Guest Stars: Robert Torti as Kurt
Monique Coleman as Mary Margaret
Randy Spire as Volleyball Coach
Mindy Sterling as Sister Rose
KayCee Stroh as Leslie
Writer: Adam Lapidus
Director: Kelly Sandefur
Originally Aired: September 8, 2006
"Lost in Translation"
"Loosely Ballroom"

"Volley Dad" is the 24th episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Zack tries to stop his mom's new relationship while London joins a volleyball club.


When Carey starts dating a new guy, Zack is thrilled because he is rich, but Cody hates the idea, then calls in his dad to help stop them from getting married.

After London joins Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow's volleyball team, everyone realizes just how bad she is, but Maddie realizes that she can make London play well if she gets her mad first.

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Cody: I don't think Harvey's right for Mom. (to Zack) And you're just happy because he's rich.
Zack: (exasperatedly chuckles) Ta, ta, no! I-I-I think he's a kind, caring man who... who happens to have a mansion with 5 bathrooms. We could all go at once and still have one toilet left over!
St. Sylvia's Player: (to London) So, you're London Tipton?
London: Why, yes, I am. No pictures, please.
St. Sylvia's Player: No problem. I just always wanted to meet the dumbest heiress in Boston.
London (angrily) What'd you say?
St. Sylvia's Player: (talks slower) Was I speaking too fast?
Mary-Margaret: Oh, no. Please tell me London doesn't want to be on our team!
Leslie: London doesn't want to be on our team.
Mary-Margaret: Really?
Leslie: I have no idea. I just like people to be happy.
Mr. Moseby: (to Harvey) Am I too late? Did she say yes?
Harvey: I haven't asked her yet.
Mr. Moseby: Why not?
Harvey: Because I put the ring on a bread stick and she won't have a bread stick.
Mr. Moseby: You're not marrying the bread stick. You're marrying her!
Cody: (to Kurt) Dad, focus. This guy is all wrong for Mom. He's a lawyer named Harvey.
Kurt: A lawyer? Wow, I always thought Mom would end up with the artistic type, you know, funny, free-spirited, incredibly handsome. Heh, heh. Like me.
Zack: Oh, yeah, 'cause that worked out so well the first time.


  • This is the first kiss between Carey and a different man than Arwin.
  • The place where Maddie and London play volleyball is the same place where Jackson (from "Hannah Montana") also played volleyball.
  • This is the first episode where Carey has brown hair.


  • When London goes on the court after seeing Maddie and Joe kiss only her, Maddie, Mary-Margaret, and Leslie are there, then the shot changes, and the whole team is there in position.
  • At the end of the episode, Maddie leaves her bag in the gym.
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