"We're Gonna[sic] Have a Great Cruise" is a song seen in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, exclusively in "Let Us Entertain You". After their mother was supposed to perform but instead got sunburned, Zack and Cody sing this song to entertain guests of the S.S. Tipton.


Lyrics: "We're Gonna Have a Great Cruise"

Zack: If you're feeling weary, babe, then sail away with me,

Cody: Let your cares just drift away upon the seven seas.

Zack: Won't you pack your bags, you've got nothing to lose,

Zack & Cody: We're going to have a great cruise!

Zack: I'll hold you close, dear, as we dance beneath the skies,

Cody: Feel the breeze caress us as I gaze into your eyes.

Zack: Won't you take my hand; you're the one that I choose,

Zack & Cody: We're going to have a great cruise!

Zack: Yes, you and me baby!

Cody: We're going to have a—

Zack: We're going to have a great cruise!

Cody: (Scatting)

Zack: Bon voyage!


  • The song is sung in a very jazzy, traditional swinging manner.
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