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What the Hey?
Cody and the lead singer of Everything Stinks
Season: 2
Episode: 21 (season)
47 (series)
Production Code: 217
Guest Stars: T Lopez as Brandi Tipton
Monet Lerner as Matisse
Originally Aired: August 5, 2006
"That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana"
"A Midsummer's Nightmare"

"What the Hey?" is the 21st episode of the second season of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. After Zack and Cody miss the school bus, Zack convinces Cody to skip out and go to the mall with him, much to Cody's dismay. London meets her new stepmother, who takes complete interest in London, which forces the two apart.


Zack and Cody miss the bus and are unable to go to school, so Zack convinces Cody to skip school and go to the mall, much to Cody's dismay. Meanwhile, London meets her new step-mother, Brandi, but London doesn't like her so Brandi grounds London. At the mall, Zack and Cody meet up with Bob and find out that Cody's favorite band, "Everything Stinks," are shooting the music video. Cody wins the contest to participate in the video as "Wing Lee". When London goes to Maddie, they go to her suite when Maddie suggests Brandi and London go shop on the ground floor. Meanwhile, Carey comes to the mall for shopping and Zack and Bob try to hide while trying to warn Cody, whose dancing in the video. During the video shoot, Carey comes back to view it and Zack, Cody and Bob are caught. Carey punishes Zack and Cody from movies, desserts, TV, music and reading for fun for one month. Later on, London and Brandi agree to a fresh start and start out as friends, thanks to Mr. Moseby's advice.


  • Zack: Lets put our names in.
    • Cody: Fine. But just in case they announce the winner on the radio, I'm not going to use my own name.
    • Zack: Good thinking, me neither. So, what name did you use?
    • Cody: I'm Wing Lee. How about you?
    • Zack: Cody Martin.
    • Cody: I hate you.
  • Zack: (to Cody) Look at you, what do you do all day?
    • Cody: Schoolwork.
    • Zack: And what do you do when we get home?
    • Cody: Homework.
    • Zack: And on the weekends?
    • Cody: Weekendwork.
    • Zack: There's no such thing as weekendwork!
  • Cody: What's Mom doing here at the mall?
    • Zack: I don't know. She works like two hours a day. She has to spend the rest of her life somewhere.
  • Snooty Saleswoman: (brings Carey some bottled water) I hope it's cold enough for you.
    • Carey: Well, did you hold it right next to your heart?
  • Brandi: You know, when I was your age—
    • London: When was that, 20 minutes ago?!
  • Brandi: (to London) You will show your stepmother some respect!
    • London: (gestures to door) I will show my stepmother the door!
  • London: (about being grounded by Brandi) I hope you're happy!
    • Brandi: A mother is never happy when she punishes her child.
    • London: Well, the child ain't so thrilled either.
  • Mr. Moseby: (to London about Brandi) That may be, London, but at least she's doing something that the other three haven't.
    • London: What?
    • Mr. Moseby: She's trying. Remember how number three just called you "that kid"?
    • London: Oh I remember her... "that woman".
  • Cody: (to Carey) Why did she come in here? She can't afford this stuff. I should know, I do her taxes.
  • London: (to Brandi) Look, I don't need you in my life.
    • Maddie: What London means is—
    • London: I don't want you in my life.
    • Maddie: And by that she means—
    • London: You're not my mother!
    • Brandi: Look, I'm going to be around for a long, long time. Your father and I love each other.
    • London: (points her charm bracelet at Brandi) That's what step-mother #1 said, step-mother #2 said they were soul mates, and step-mother #3 was gone before the charm was even finished. You're just another one of theses.


  • This is the only time where one of London's stepmothers is seen.


  • When the store owner goes over to see where the boys went after they disappeared, the inside of the dressing room is partly visible.


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