Wilfred Tipton
Mr. Tipton accompanied by his bodyguards
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Wife: "Wife 18"
Ex-Wife: London's Mother (3rd wife), Brandi Tipton (5th wife), Karina Tipton (14th wife), another 14
Children: London Tipton, Yolonda (ex-stepdaughter)
Employment: Owner of Tipton Industries
Production Info
Portrayed by: Bob Joles[SLOZAC] (voice), John Michael Higgins[SLOD]
First Appearance: "Not So Suite 16" (face unseen) Template:First
Last Appearance: "Twister: Part 3" Template:Last
Quote1Men! Form the turtle!Quote2
—Wilfred Tipton, "Not So Suite 16"

Wilfred Tipton is the owner of the Tipton Hotel, and London Tipton's father. His face was never seen until the Twister three-part episode of The Suite Life on Deck and is usually only referred to using a phone or off-camera. When he does appear it's usually behind a group of bodyguards who completely surround him.


London is often left disappointed because Wilfred has hardly been around for her growing up. Plus, whenever he makes arrangements to see her, he cancels them because something has come up.

At one point, after he invested all the money he borrowed from the bank in a diamond mine that happened to be diamond-less, he lost all of it, causing him to go into hiding. He has been married no less than eighteen times. London's mother is his third wife.

In the episode "Twister: Part 3", London calls him to get her out of Kettlecorn, but Cody gets her cell phone and tells him about Bailey's family's farm. Mr. Tipton arrives and then says that he bought the farm from the bank to destroy it and turn it into a plastic bag factory. Zack, Cody, Woody, and Bailey try to get Mr. Tipton to give the farm back, but, in the end, he gives it back after London threatens to blackmail him.


He is shown to be very uncaring about anything outside of himself and London. He doesn't hesitate to do things that will ruin the lives of others in the pursuit of money. He cut down all the trees on Parrot Island and has illegally smuggled stolen artifacts from another country.

It is also known that he has a secret army as revealed in "Silent Treatment". Plus, in the episode "Rock Star in the House", Wilfred is said to be very strict about London's behavior when it comes to celebrities; he doesn't want her near them (which he has tried to enforce since an incident involving Orlando Bloom, referred to by Mr. Moseby).

In "The Ghost of Suite 613", London explains the "Orlando Bloom incident": apparently she was blamed for receiving a fake love letter from Orlando Bloom (which was actually sent by Maddie). As a result, he sent her a restraining order.


Romantic interests

London often says that her father has married many times. He married in "Ala-Ka-Scram!" for the fourteenth time and in "Frozen" for the eighteenth, though varying and inconsistent numbers of ex-wives are mentioned throughout the series. His daughter London was the daughter of wife number 3.


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Mr. Tipton does not seem to have many friends, as he told Mr. Moseby that he ran out of friends after his ninth wedding.



  • In Twister: Part 3, he doesn't know Marion Moseby, although in other episodes, he does.
    • In the same episode, he also seems to briefly not even know his daughter, but he does in every other time he talks to her.
    • In "Parrot Island", London says he loves Mr. Moseby.
  • It was revealed in Twister: Part 3, by Mr. Moseby, that he has no conscience or friends, as he hunts puppies, doesn't care about the ecosystem, and doesn't give back the Pickett farm after buying it until London blackmailed him.
  • He can't seem to keep a wife for unknown reasons.
  • He seems to have a bad sense of parenting as he has left London to live away from him and was proud when London blackmailed him.
  • In A London Carol it is revealed he is the reason for London's selfish behavior.
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