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Willa Fink
Willa Fink
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 16
Brothers: Woody, eight others, 1 step brother
Ex-Boyfriend: Cody Martin
Production Info
Portrayed by: Linsey Godfrey
First Appearance: "My Sister's Keeper"
Last Appearance: "My Sister's Keeper"

Willa Fink is a minor character in The Suite Life on Deck.


Willa is Woody's younger sister, who only appears in the episode "My Sister's Keeper". She uses Woody's catchphrases "Hurtful!" and "Dang it!". Willa comes aboard the S.S. Tipton for her vacation, and Woody asks that Cody show her around. Though both brothers believe that anyone related to Woody would be repulsive and awful company, Willa's unexpected beauty leave Zack and Cody both instantly attracted, and Cody asks her out. Woody didn't approve of Cody and Willa dating, and explains to Willa that he didn't set her and Cody up as a couple, but as friends, admitting that he didn't think Cody would end up liking Willa (to which she responds, "Hurtful!").

Bailey becomes jealous of Cody and Willa together, which makes her realize that she still has feelings for Cody. Cody lies to Willa that he's still in love with Bailey, in a desperate attempt to let her down gently, making Bailey briefly happy, but still breaking Willa's heart. However, when Cody admitted to Bailey (after Willa left), that he was just saying it to let Willa down gently, Bailey gets sad and lies that she was just doing it to compete in some contest (Cody didn't realize at the time that Bailey still had feelings for him).


While Willa's obviously very beautiful and is said to be very intelligent, it's revealed later in the episode that she's just as gross and ill-mannered as her brother, Woody.

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