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Woodrow "Woody" Fink



General Information
Full Name: Woodrow Fink
Nickname: Woody (By Everybody)
Rat Man, Brock
Residence: Room 8•101, S.S. Tipton[SLOD]
Age: Season 1 15

Season 2 15-16
Season 3 16-17

Status: Alive
Biological Information
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5′ 9″
Romance(s): Addison (Girlfriend)
Becky Moldune (Dated)
Family: Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Steve (stepfather)
8 Unnamed Older Brothers
Willa Fink {Sister)
Neil (Stepbrother)
Mildred Fink (Grandma)
Friends: Zack Martin (Best Friend)
Cody Martin (Best Friend)
Marcus Little (Best Friend)
Bailey Pickett (Close Friend)
London Tipton (Close Friend)
Maya Bennett (Close Friend)
Marion Moseby (Close Friend)
Addison (Close Friend)
Additional Information
School: Seven Seas High (Formerly; Graduated)
Talents: eating
Weaknesses: academics
Likes: food, Addison
Dislikes: academics
Series Information
Portrayed by: Matthew Timmons
First Appearance: The Suite Life Sets Sail [SLOD]
Last Appearance: Graduation on Deck [SLOD]
Season(s): S1S2S3 [SLOD]
Quote1.pngYou like that? Wait 'til you hear me fart Stairway to Heaven.Quote2.png
—Woody to Cody, "The Suite Life Sets Sail"
Quote1.pngDang it!Quote2.png
—Woody when he slips up or realizes he could have done something else.

Woodrow "Woody" Fink is a recurring character in The Suite Life on Deck and The Suite Life Movie. He is known for being polar opposite of Cody; he's messy, lazy, and does not excel at schoolwork.


Born Woodrow Fink, Woody originates from Cleveland, Ohio, and is the second youngest of ten children. He has eight older brothers, and a younger sister named Willa, who visits the S.S. Tipton in "My Sister's Keeper".


The Suite Life on Deck

Woody and Cody share a room, much to Cody's dislike in the first season. The gang takes him in, and they become great friends. Addison and Woody have an ongoing relationship.

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The Suite Life Movie

After Zack loses Cody's letter, Woody helps Zack tell Bailey that Cody ditched their perfect Spring Break. Cody tricks Woody into making Zack fall into the water. Woody is one of the rescuers that saves the twins and stops the merge.

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Woody is a messy, lazy and horrible student. He has a great passion for food and farting. He sometimes is very awkward when it comes to girls, and usually thinks of Zack as his idol.

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  • He has glasses.
  • He used to have braces.
  • He’s messy.
  • He isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  • He’s unpopular.
  • He has eleven toes; three on one foot, eight on the other.
  • He is kind of pudgy and slightly overweight.
  • He jumps to conclusions a lot, believing in aliens and other possible fantasy creatures.
  • He‘s incredibly flatulent.
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Woody is slightly pudgy and is very easily compared to Seth Rogen. He has curly hair that was short at the start of The Suite Life on Deck and has gotten longer since. He’s overweight and some people bully him because of his size. Though he used to have braces, they were removed in the episode "Model Behavior", when he states, "Now that I got my braces off I'll be a babe magnet." Woody appears unattractive to everybody except Addison.



  • Willa Fink - Woody's sister. Woody has a strong relationship with her and is overprotective at times.
  • Steve - Woody's step-father. Woody resents and hates Steve, particularly for wanting to be called "dad".
  • Unnamed Mother - Woody is known to have a strong disapproval of his mother marrying Steve.
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  • Zack Martin - One of Woody's good friends on the S.S. Tipton. In "The Suite Life Sets Sail" Zack desperately wants to have Woody as his roommate, but later changes his mind.
  • Cody Martin - One of Woody's good friend and roommate on the S.S. Tipton. In "The Suite Life Sets Sail" Cody wants to trade roommates with anyone because of Woody's body odor.
  • Bailey Pickett - A good friend of Woody's throughout the Suite Life series.
  • London Tipton - A friend of Woody's, though London views Woody as a gross person at times.
  • Marcus Little - Another close friend of Woody's.
  • Maya Bennett - A friend of Woody's, though they do not interact much.
  • Marion Moseby - An acquaintance of Woody's, whose relationship is similar to that of Zack and Mr. Moseby.
  • Emma Tutweiller - Woody's teacher aboard the S.S. Tipton, who shares a friendly student-teacher relationship with him.
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Romantic interests

Chelsea is impressed with London's new "butler", Woody

  • Chelsea Brimmer - Woody had a crush on Chelsea in "Flowers & Chocolate". Despite being completely uninterested in him, even thinking he was gross, Woody persisted with his feelings. He masqueraded as London's new "butler" to impress her, however his lack of knowledge on the subject and manners led Chelsea to figure out the truth. Chelsea left the boat shortly after.
  • Addison - Addison is a friend of Bailey's and also a student in Seven Seas High. Woody expresses interest in her in "International Dateline" when Addison overdoses on chocolate and experiences her come-down from the sugar rush. While she is passed out, Woody sits next to her and pretends they are together, telling her his joke. In all different alterations of the day, due to the International Dateline resetting the day, Woody is always sitting with Addison, showing a strong like for her. It was revealed in "Goin' Bananas" that Addison reciprocates Woody's feelings for her. In "Prom Night", they share their first kiss. (See Woody-Addison Relationship.)
  • Becky Moldune - Becky was a girl Zack dated after pouring water on her from the Sky Deck. Zack and Becky's relationship was one-sided, with Zack not feeling anything for Becky, until she put on a dress. Zack asked Woody to flirt with Becky and get her to like him so she would leave him alone, however Woody's plan was successful & Becky decided she wanted to be with someone who returned her feelings. Woody and Becky were shown leaving for a date. It is presumed they broke up after Becky left the ship.
  • London Tipton - Woody is never shown actually expressing a romantic interest in London, however he works very closely with her and considers her a good friend. In "Flowers & Chocolate" Woody works as London's butler to impress Chelsea. He then joins her show Yay Me! Starring London Tipton as her new technical producer. It is presumed that Cody left the show when he joined Seven Seas High. In "Lost at Sea", Woody serves as London's servant, performing many different tasks for her, such as letting her ride on his back while he knocks coconuts together, pretending to be a horse.When they are stranded on the island, Woody says "If we're stuck on this island, eventually we're gonna have to pair up" looking at London, which she responds to by screaming and fainting. The two grow closer and Cody predicts that London will fall for Woody at some point. In "Das Boots" when all of them are about to run out of air Woody says to London, "Do you want to spend the rest of your life in my arms" but she responds sarcastically but he doesn't notice.


  • "Dang it..."
  • "Hurtful..."
  • "Awkward..."


  • Despite being told he has eight older brothers and one younger sister, Woody does state that he is the youngest of nine. However, he later refers to his little sister which means he cannot be the youngest. Additionally, he states that he must have got his younger sister's stuff instead of his, and it was big, but he has a younger sister and she is skinny.
  • In the episode "Das Boots", Woody is seen wearing a t-shirt saying, "Hello I'm Awesome". This is a reference to WWE super star The Miz, who is also from Cleveland.
  • He prefers to be called Woody rather than Woodrow, and his full first name was not revealed until "Graduation on Deck".
  • Woody says that he has eleven toes; three on one side, and eight on the other. Although he visibly has only five toes on one foot in "Showgirls".
  • In one episode he says he had many friends before he came onto the ship, yet in a later episode he states the only friend he had before was his finger with a drawn-on face.
  • In the episode "Mulch Ado About Nothing", Woody says one of the main reasons he doesn't pursue a relationship is because whenever he talks to a girl he gets rashes on his thighs. This problem seems to have faded by the second season as he was able to talk to Addison in "Goin' Bananas" without scratching his legs.
  • Woody shares a similarity with Esteban in the fact despite being guest stars, they've only been absent in a handful of episodes.
  • Woody's farts are often described as extremely potent, loud and potentially lethal: Zack thought it was the ship's foghorn, it can be ignited with one spark and causes people to faint or suffer breathing difficulties. Woody also claims that one Thanksgiving, he blew his grandmother's septic tank clear out if the ground and it was later shot down over Canada.
  • In Bon Voyage, it’s revealed that he once picked his nose for 3 hours straight. According to Marcus, he pulled out a piece of brain.
  • In Trouble in Tokyo, Woody is very ticklish under his armpits when Bailey put deodarant on them.
  • Although he appeared in so many episodes, Woody was never promoted to main character.


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