Yay Milan is one of the Webisodes of Yay me starring London Tipton. It discusses London's adventures in Milan.


London talks about how she loves Italy. She then asks Woody to zoom into deep space, to show a picture of Italy. Woody explains they only have 12 dollar webcams , but shows a map instead. She then complains that the camera is crooked, while Woody states that it is the leaning tower of pisa behind her. She then replies why they have a leaning tower "when they can knock it down, and put up a mall". So, she makes Woody "fix" the camera, so he turns it crooked. We then go back to London, who is now crooked while the tower is straight. She goes on to talk about Italian foods. Woody, in protest, takes of his jacket revealing a noodle costume. She then talks about all of the different kinds of pasta using Woody as an example. During one of these examples, Woody's pants rip, but London continues. She then insults Woody by talking about a long and thin noodle, and points to woody saying "Well you can just imagine it." She then ends the show with the Theme song.


This webcast is from Italy,and can be assumed to have been made near the time of the episode, When in Rome ...

Also, It is set at the time when the boys made the Yo Us blog called Leaning.

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